Last game you bought?

I got Rococo Deluxe for my birthday last year. It’s a very fun game, and we’ve spent many very pleasurable hours with it, but in no way would it have been worth the CAN$180 it cost (good thing it’s language-independent, because a French-language version is 40 bucks more expensive).

But, again, super fun game.


Oh dear.
I bought GURPS 4E Infinite Worlds.
I backed the Hârn Kickstarter and then the Talislanta 6e one as well.
Not like I need any more RPGs


I made the mistake of checking out a local shop (they used to have a store in the city which was a) a bit of a drive and b) a pain to find parking. And now they are about 20 minutes away. Not a huge amount of stock, but not bad. Pricing was ok, a bit more than online, but not paying a delivery cost brings them closer. And of course, being able to walk out with a game that day.

And I ended up buying Call of Cthulhu starter set, Kids on Bikes, and Fiasco. I can’t see my group giving up boardgames, but I’m hoping we can introduce some of these every few weeks. CoC is probably easiest. My group really likes Stranger Things, so I reckon KoB will be good - not entirely sure what I’m in for with that one. And Fiasco, well, not sure about it, it’s probably the most different from our normal games. But I like that there is no GM.


Got Ahoy in the Maths Trade.

Looking forward to trying it.


It arrived:

Lego Yoshi included for scale (about the same size as a minifig).

Even though I have seen this at my FLGS, it seems bigger than I remember.


I passed on this because I have all of V-Commandos already, but I’d be interested in your thoughts as and when.


I will let you know in a year or three when I finally manage to play it. :stuck_out_tongue: mixed with :sob:


Oh no! Ezio’s days as an assassin are over!


Without feet, you don’t have to worry about people hearing your footsteps.


It’s just a flesh wound


I knew so many leaps of faith eventually would lead to major injuries.

EDIT, or did he just accidentally activate his wrist blades doing his laces?


If we can have snikkity wrist blades surely we can have steampunk wheelchairs.


Yeah, but the Snickety wristblade only works by chopping off a finger that’s in the way. Goes to reason the only way assassin’s can build functional wheelchairs is if they amputate your feet first. How are you meant to sit down with those big things at the end of your legs getting in the way??


Da Vinci is one of his friends. Surely he can devise something.


Winging their way to me now are Final Girl: Frightmare on Maple Lane and Eleven: Football Manager Board Game. Should give me something to test out over Easter.


Recent purchases:

  • Small Islands (a delayed old order got refunded, so I placed a new one elsewhere)
  • Dune Imperium (which I was genuinely planning to try-before-I-buy at a games cafe, but I saw it discounted enough to be tempted… and obviously I succumbed.)
  • Conspiracy: Abyss Universe (the awkwardly-named mini adaptation of Abyss, which was also on sale for cheap)

I got my small purchase from Japan Railway Boom by Hisashi Hayashi and a card game call Nana - I heard some talk about this so I’m curious.

Also been receiving my Maths Trade:

  • Doppelkopf 2.0
  • Pax Porfiriana
  • Fort
  • Giants (from Matagot)

What I am not restrained on was someone dumping all their stuff - a lot of them are rare trick taking games. …I’m only human. You are allowed to laugh.

  • Hachi Train - trick taking AND trains!?!? :heart::bullettrain_front::diamonds::steam_locomotive::spades::station::clubs:
  • Rise of the Metro
  • String Railway - the tall Asmodee edition
  • Dois - another trick taker from Taiki Shinzawa - one of my grails.
  • Festival of a Thousand Cats - it’s a cat themed trick taker. Mate, that is enough justification.
  • Tanuki to Chagam
  • Lowendynastie
  • Wishing for Fine Weather!!
  • Sun, Rain, Rainbow
  • Bonkure Shogatsu Ryo Higan
  • February
  • Druids (yes. The trick taking one)
  • Exacta!

I forgot to add to my last post:

I don’t need another Regicide deck, but I like this game so much that I felt like supporting them further and also getting myself a version with the updated artwork. I went for the red deck because it has red card backs, whereas first edition had teal card backs regardless of the box colour.

I might have gone for the teal if the card backs hadn’t changed slightly in design (as then I could have mixed and matched the old and new diamonds (because owl > duck)), but as it is I thought I’d go for the alternative colour (and I’m sure the duck will grow on me :‍)

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  • Azul Mini - will hopefully fit in the small games cupboard

TransAmerica - Cube rails and has Vexation included

I will end this year with fewer games, but it’s not going well….


Now to find shelf space for 102 new games!