Regicide -- now with Bards

Not an expansion, but they’ve rethought the concept for the diamonds suit:

Apparently all of the art for the other cards has been tweaked as well (“to add in more detail and finesse”), but I’d need to compare side-by-side to see how… I don’t have the impression that it’s hugely significant.

If you have a strong preference for one set of diamonds over the other though, maybe that change factors into a purchasing decision. This new version has apparently been printed already, and will be available “early 2023”.


I guess ducks are the Bardiest of all the animals (?)


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Now available from

As well as the revised artwork, the box design is different, the card backs now match the box colour (i.e. red box now has cards with red backs), and thankfully the rule book looks like it has bigger pages and so hopefully has significantly bigger text than in the original.

Card backs are slightly different, so you can’t mix and match cards with the original Diamonds, in case you were planning to do that.

Whoops, I should have checked before writing that. In my head the original rule book was smaller because that text is so damn tiny, but in fact it’s exactly the same size as the one shown in the new photos (i.e. both booklets are basically the same size as the cards). There was still lots of scope for making the text bigger though, so hopefully they’ve taken that feedback on board one way or another.

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