[PBF] Antiquity - game 1

OK, here’s your setup:

The players are
Purple: @Whistle_Pig
Yellow: @pillbox
Blue: @Captbnut
Red: @RossM

In a real game, you would now choose your starting tiles from the four corner tiles, in reverse player order (so: red, blue, yellow, purple, as shown by the cubes in the top left of the image), but for this game I have randomly assigned you tiles and you choose your start location in any order.

Yellow is top left
Red is top right
Purple is bottom left
Blue is bottom right

You each have a player aid that looks like this (ignore the map here):

And you each have a player board that looks like this, in your own colour:

You will be placing that first 7-hex city token anywhere fully on your starting tile. For some tips on choosing your start location, please refer back the discussion thread. Your first city may be placed on water, subsequent cities cannot. If you place a city on an exploration token, the token is discarded unseen.

To tell me where you want to start, just post or message me the hex coordinate of the centre of your city.

Any questions, please ask them in the discussion thread.

Good luck!

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Yellow centered on 8-7 please

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Blue centred on 19-18 please

Purple centred on 6-18 :+1:

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Let’s try 22-20 please

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25-5 please

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Questions coming on the other thread

Time for the countryside build orders. Right now, there’s no chance of your choices here affecting anyone else, so you can makes your moves in any order.

I’ve got to say, the graphics on the city boards with the shadowing is fantastic.

I’ll send woodcutters to 19-19 and 25-20

Explorer to 21-18 please

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Woodcutters to 8-4 and 11-7, please

Fishery (for fish) to 6-5,7-4, please

Thank you

Explorer 27-4
Fishery 24-3 24-2
Woodcutter 22-6


Modified orders!

Fishery on 7-19 & 8-20

Woodcutter on 6-21

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Store Goods: no-one had any goods to store

Harvest: please tell me the coordinates of each good you harvest. 1 from each man.

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22-5 25-2 please

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6-20 and 9-19

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Let’s go with 19-20 and 25-19 please

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I know my orders have been fraught with errors and retcons, but I thought this is what we landed on?