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No: the welcoming party is Hearth, so trading with the welcoming party can only get you Hearth Favor. You have no Hearth advisers, and in any case there’s only 1 Favor left in the Hearth bank, so you would get that 1 Favor.

“Matching” means matching the suit of the card you Trade with. Acting Troupe are great for their flexibility, but they can’t automatically get you +1 arcane/beast/order on every Trade, only on Trade with arcane/beast/order.

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6 dice vs 1 die + 1 bandit. You can add other bandit sites as targets if you wish.

The best outcome for defence is 3, the worst outcome for attack is 3 + 1 sacrifice, so you are guaranteed to win. The odds aren’t bad for 2 sites either, the risk is in not having 2 warbands left to take both.

You must declare battle plan use before rolling, so if Second Wind is part of your plan, you have to pay up-front.

I thought this was one I did after I won? In any case, yes I obviously plan to use it

No, there are no battle plans or campaign modifiers that can be declared after you win.

I updated my post to reflect that I am using it. I mean I am not going to lose this battle. I do not plan to attack other sites. There is only the Mine and that is not attractive to rule because it is so dark, I cannot even see the Black meeple on there.

(There is also the Salt Flats)

Uninteresting… just flat and salty… :wink:

PS: I totally have a plan.

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You have some basics wrong.

First, location: there are the major actions that cost Supply that require you to use a card “at your site”: Trade and Muster. Then there are actions on cards that do not cost Supply and do not require you to be at the site: you can use these from anywhere as long as you rule the site (you can also use any denizen action of the site you are at, regardless of rule). So, being at the site for a denizen action is optional if you rule it.

Second, icons: if a card has an icon top left of the text, pay attention to it. This defines when the text comes into effect: Trade, Muster, Travel, Search, Campaign… At any other time, an ability with such an icon cannot be activated.

So, your instructions:

Spirit Snare use is fine.

Provisions a) cannot be used outside of a campaign, b) is temporary for that campaign only c) is a battle plan so can only be used by the ruler of that site, d) you rule the site so there’s no need to Travel to it to use it.

There is no interaction here with Welcoming Party, which is a) a Search modifier and b) requires a card to be played, which is a distinct thing from just using a card.

The Travel to Rocky Coast for 1 Supply is fine (though as noted above there was no reason for you to Travel to Lush Coast)

What is the “pay 1 secret to Elders” bit? Trade? Trade takes 1 Supply and you have none left at this point.

Use of Tents to Travel for no Supply is fine.

So, to sum up, I think you could have achieved the desired result of ending up at the Buried Giant simply by spending 2 Supply to Travel there. The spirit Snare use is good, but the Favor on Provisions, the Secret on Elders, and the Favor on Tents are all impossible and/or pointless.

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Oh, fair enough. That makes it way easier.

I thought I had to use the elders card power being on site.

We will skip that, and I will rest there, as I don’t think I can do anything else in the Buried Giant.

OK, so to confirm: please edit your post in main thread to use Spirit Snare, Travel to Buried Giant for 2 supply.

Things you could still do: use Taming Charm, use Elders, play either or both of your face down advisers (possibly using the People’s Favor).

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Exiling GeeBizzle would currently require you give 3 favor to GeeBizzle (discounted from 5 as you hold both Oathkeeper and the People’s Favor).

3 favour. Is that all a mans life is worth?

I assume that my exile will leave me without purpose. Just a lot of secrets.


And Favor!

Just waiting on confirmation from @Chewy77 that he knows 3 favor is the cost and wants to pay it.


I wish the Favor tokens did not look like coins, because it feels like the Chancellor is paying their Citizen to become disloyal. Normally that goes the other way around and you pay for loyalty.

Yeah, I think it’s an odd component choice myself.

I am hard-pressed to think of a better one though.

(Sorry to butt in…)

I thought this particular rule probably represented what the newly-exiled character takes with them on the way out.

And favor “coins” does seem to say something interesting about how Wehrle thinks economic power reflects and interacts with social and political influence.


Is the favour supposed to represent popularity with the denizens? That would make more sense in this case because they see the chancellor exile a loyal(?) citizen for their own benefit, thus losing some standing with the populace.


One last check: Now you have the Favor, Elders, yay or nay?

The current board state:

I thought it will be all gone when I exile GeeBizzle

The image shows you still have 5 favor after GeeBizzle is paid off.

Started with 3.

-1 onto people’s favor
+2 for search
+1 for sprit snare
+2 for taming charm
+1 for warning signals play
-3 for exiling GeeBizzle

5 left.