Oath PBF companion thread, for rules questions and the like

I could do the chancellor or we ping around the forums for someone to join in.

I could probably run two hands… although I had some plans that would make this a bit difficult :crazy_face: something Arcane…

Happy to do a reset.

Mainly curious to see how the web assistant clockwork chancellor works TBH.

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Thank you all so much, appreciated. The day has been slightly compounded, since I last posted, by my son’s school bubble closing, meaning ten days of childcare/ home schooling in the run up to my final pathology exam, so, er, that hasn’t helped greatly with the anxiety! But I’ve sorted some things out and feel much less panicked now. Thank you all for understanding.


Games should be fun, not stress inducing. We will manage. Best of luck with your exams and childcare.

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I have invited you to the three DM conversations I had with @Lordof1 in which you can see the reliquary, starting hand and choices, two searches and choices.


(If you still find it unclear what your two face down advisers are, just let me know and I’ll find the images for you. I’m not at computer now.)

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I will go through them in a min, I was looking at the phone already in bed when I saw your post.


OK, this, you do not have to do. You rule the rocky coast, so you can use the power there without moving to it.

You also can (and probably should) always use a spare secret on Spirit Snare before ending your turn.

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Oh, oh, let me edit then

For clarity, neither of these actions are Trade actions, no Supply is spent. You can use the minor action powers on those cards because you rule them.

Yes, I suppose I should not say trade as an action but exchange, sorry.

Sorry, I’m going to butt in again. An unspent Secret is almost certainly a waste. At worst you can nearly always get a Favor for it, especially early in the game.

Can I spend it on the same site more than once?

In that case I would repeat the Spirit Snare and take one more favour from the far right pile.

No, you cannot use a card that has a currency on it (battleplans are an exception).

You can Trade 1 Secret for 1 Favor at your Site (potentially more, if you have a matching adviser).

Sorry, too much interference? Resting is also fine also if you don’t like the 1 supply for 1 favor trade rate, let me know if you want to stick with that. I just wanted to point out that Secrets come back to you as long as they aren’t burned, while Favor does not.

Not too much interfering, quite the opposite, I am appreciating a lot your help, Benkyo. One thing is to get to see how the game plays and another how it tweaks.

So yes, I will swap the secret for favour.

OK, so post exactly what you are doing in main thread. Which card are you Trading with? It matters, because you deplete that bank.

Considering the actor troupe can play as to different suits… or I cannot use my adviser?

Trade, major action, 1 supply:
Pay 1 secret to a denizen at your site, gain 1 Favor + 1 Favor per matching face-up adviser.
Pay 2 favor to a denizen at your site, gain 0 Secrets + 1 Secret per matching face-up adviser.

I think I will go for option A, I would rather have favour right now. So if I trade the Acting Troup from my advisers with the Welcoming party, do I get an extra favour from Home suit. And the initial favour from either Fox or Square suit?