Oath PBF - insert chronicle name here

@Lordof1 is up

Discard totals:
Cradle: 9
Provinces: 1
Hinterland: 9 (2nd card is vision)

Hello, just absorbing all that is going on, I will take my turn shortly.


Right, so I will do a search in the Cradle discard, which will cost me 2 supply, and we will see what I do from there. Thanks everybody for your patience.


The Chancellor’s new adviser:

@Chewy77 still up, with only 2 supply.

Travel to rocky coast using my other 2 supply, and pay two favour to gain one secret. And rest.

After speaking with my advisors, I don’t need to travel to Rocky Coast, it is too windy this time of the year, but I can still trade favour for a secret there.

So I do that effortlessly (keeping my supplies intact) and trade that one effortlessly owned secret on the spirit snare, to get some favour back.


Favour from the very top left pile. Horny devil suit, that is.


Here’s the current board state. @Chewy77 is still up.

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I think I will rest. Too tiring, this Chancellor business

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Ok, so after some deliberation with my advicers, I am travelling to the Mountain instead (1 supply), and there I will trade my secret with Taming Charm (my last supply) and my Acting Troup gives me a better deal. (2x favour)

And then rest.

Sorry for the delay, everybody.


@Whistle_Pig is up


Take 1 favour from the wastes.

Reveal Battle Honours as a minor action

Spend 2 supply to search the Hinterland discard pile.

Black reveals a vision of sanctuary


Will the people be swayed by this new leader?

@Whistle_Pig to continue.

(PS: the previous board images are incorrect - only 2 visions have been drawn so far, so this victory condition cannot be fulfilled yet)

Spend 3 more supply to search the world deck

Black draws only 2 cards, as the 3rd vision for this empire is drawn, and discarded.

Dazzle played to site for 1 Arcane favor and no other effect.

@Whistle_Pig still up.

Spend 1 supply to recover the relic from my site by paying 3 favour to the discord bank.


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Sticky Fire is alchemised from rare compounds found in the mine.

@Yashima is up

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  • For 1 Supply Trade with the Wizard School paying them 2 Favor to obtain 2 Secrets. (2 Favor left)
  • For 1 Supply Recover the Darkest Secret with 3 of my secrets
  • For (now) 2 Supply search the World Deck and see what comes up :slight_smile:

(just checking that I am doing what I plan to be doing, I should now have 3 supply, 2 Favor and 2 Secrets)

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A new advisor for white is very military-minded.

  • For 2 supply I will campaign against the bandits at the Wastes with the help of the Firetalkers (use one Secret) and I will use Second Wind (destroying one favor and using my second secret)

Am I right that should give me 6 Attack Dice against their 1 or is it 2 defense? Hopefully plenty to win. (I am really bad with the probabilities for these dice, do I even need 6 to win? I think I do)

I should have 1 favor and 1 supply left.

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Defence pool: 1
Defence roll: 0+1
Attack pool: 6
Attack roll: 4

Victory without loss. How do you want to distribute your warbands, and how will you use Second Wind?