Oath PBF companion thread, for rules questions and the like

The people love you though…

For now… :smiling_imp:

We ran into a herd of sheep yesterday and I had no idea a herd could turn around so fast… the poor dog herding them had quite a bit of work to do :wink:


Just waiting to see if @COMaestro is in or not before I set up the game.


Sure, I will do one more, at least.


Aha. I just noticed an error in my set up. The Salt Flats does not contain a warband. Although it was ruled at the end of the previous game, you only put purple warbands on sites with denizens when setting up the next game.

I hope this does not change anyone’s starting choices.


Does @Geebizzle start with anything from the reliquary? Do I get to see the relics? Peek at them if allowed as my free action.

No he doesn’t and yes you can

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If it helps at all I’ve started using this as a searchable version of the rule book.

So for the above query searching reliquary let me see the pertinent sections.



That helps a lot, it’s fantastic, thank you.

Apologies, I forgot to add a favour to The People’s Favour in my wake phase, edited.

Searching the world deck now costs 3 supply. There’s a marker next to the deck. The first vision is now the 4th card down in the Provinces discard pile.


I have no game-relevant comment, but I do like that art:

“Well, yer ‘ighness, we’ve fort abaht it and we fink, in a purely disinterested way you unnerstan’, that you should launch a war of loot. I mean conquest.”


You were initially correct that you spent 6 supply. That leaves you with 1, which means you cannot search for 2 supply.

Oh sorry. Then I just rest.

No, you refresh to the Chancellor’s spot, but then you add whatever you had saved as usual.

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Hi all, I’m really sorry… I’m struggling a bit mentally at the moment and I’m afraid I’m finding Oath to be a bit of a trigger for anxiety for me. I’ve tried to work through it but it’s getting a bit worse rather than better. I’m really sorry but I’m going to have to bow out of this one.
Thanks @Benkyo for all the hard work on this, I’m sorry to let you down.


I am sure we can find a solution either someone else jumping in for you, or Resetting to an earlier state, pausing… … forum games shouldn’t be increasing your mental struggles. If it helps you may want to read the review linked from the SUSD Oath review… about narrative in Oath and how it is very much about things that aren’t winning, if winning is the thing contributing to your anxiety: The Oath, Journal Entry 23: Story Now – Player Elimination

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Totally the right call @Lordof1 this is meant to be a distraction. The difficulty of groking the rules can be stressful. It’s more important to look after yourself.

Could consider giving the clockwork chancellor a run?

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No worries. If you can’t play, for whatever reason, there’s no pressure to do so.

@GeeBizzle I’m not keen on the clockwork. It’s a faff, and seems like it would heavily skew the game into “how to beat the clockwork”.

We just started the second game though, so restarting with 4 players is an option (presumably Yashima would take on the Chancellor role), as is casting about for a 5th player.

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