Introduction thread


Just was linked (from FB) to the podcast and was tooling around the forums. The setup is going to take some time to adjust to. But I wanted to make sure there wasn’t an intro thread, or something I should be posting “I’m here!” to. :slight_smile:

Hope all is well and thanks!


People don’t generally arrive fast enough to need one, but if you’d like one…?

(Also, welcome!)


I don’t need one. :grin::
Just wanted to be polite. :wink:
Be well and thanks!


Hello and welcome.
And some more welcome as my post must apparently be more than 20 characters…


In answer to the original question: “Now there is”.


Excellent! Newest member is the first introduction.
I feel the power!! :smiley:


Welcome aboard¹, @marq

¹ Yes, a pun.


I may just be here to resurrect long-dead discussions about the plausibility of a monoglot future.


There is a thread for it.


Hi. Guvnor from Tavern BBS here.
Love the podcast, like Dr. Bob, just read “Mountains of Madness”… kind of just had to join here…


Welcome to the board!


Welcome Guvnor!
Wow it’s impossible NOT to hear that in a British accent. :slight_smile:


Welcome! The more the merrier!