Introduction thread


Just was linked (from FB) to the podcast and was tooling around the forums. The setup is going to take some time to adjust to. But I wanted to make sure there wasn’t an intro thread, or something I should be posting “I’m here!” to. :slight_smile:

Hope all is well and thanks!


People don’t generally arrive fast enough to need one, but if you’d like one…?

(Also, welcome!)


I don’t need one. :grin::
Just wanted to be polite. :wink:
Be well and thanks!


Hello and welcome.
And some more welcome as my post must apparently be more than 20 characters…


In answer to the original question: “Now there is”.


Excellent! Newest member is the first introduction.
I feel the power!! :smiley:


Welcome aboard¹, @marq

¹ Yes, a pun.


I may just be here to resurrect long-dead discussions about the plausibility of a monoglot future.


There is a thread for it.