V-Commandos Meta

This is to be a meta thread linking to (and recruiting for) individual games of V-Commandos,

Who’s up for a new one? @JGD and @COMaestro I believe. @gmwhite999 do you fancy giving it a try? Once we know numbers I can pick an operation; 3-6 is doable.

Tempting, Roger, but I’d best pass for now. Once I get to play the game a couple of times or even get past the training missions, I’ll know if I like it and want to play it more. Good luck with the game though if others are interested.

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Training missions? No such thing! You just get dropped behind enemy lines and have to make your way back on your own, soldier!

Plus, you just posted that you acquired this game in the appropriate thread, so if you feel a compulsion to play more, you can!

@RogerBW - I am in!

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I’m in. 2, 3, 4

Greatsword is done.

Operation players
Atlanteia: Hopsten, October 1944 [S] 6
Black Tea: Rjukan, February 1943 3
Celcius: Le Havre, June 1944 [k] 4
Chained Eagle: Göttingen, April 1945 [S] 5
Checkers: Grevena, April 1942 [R] 6
Flail: Liège, March 1943 [R] 6
Freyja: Munich, February 1942 [k] 4
Grail: Dantzig, February 1943 3
Greatsword: Bordeaux, November 1942 3
Green: Jersey, October 1942 4
Helmet: Worfen, December 1944 [k] 3
Knighthood: Paris, November 1943 [R] 4
Rapacious: Wassenaar, February 1944 [S] 5
Red Fish: Lorient, April 1942 [S] 6
Shooting Star: Paris, August 1944 4
Silence: Longues-sur-Mer, June 1944 4
Snake: Oostende, May 1944 [S] 4
Snowflake: Stord, February 1943 4
Starter: Essen, July 1943 [k] 3
Steam: Saint-Avold, May 1944 [R] 6
Time Pencil: Bruneval, February 1942 4
Victory: Berlin, April 1943 [R] 3
Wipe: Hamburg, March 1943 4

I’m in for another game,

As am I :+1:

OK, of the 3-player operations I believe COMaestro has now played Victory, Helmet and Greatsword. Which leaves:

  • Black Tea (streets and bridges, then join for fuel depot)
  • Grail (shipyard, then split to docks and water tower)
  • Starter (ruins, Panzer depot, water tower)

Any preference?

I am good with any.


Two more three-player missions if @jgd and @comaestro wish to continue; more players are welcome; and playing multiple characters is also possible.

I am game.

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As am I. 1234

I just seem to get disconnected from this while other things happen. Sorry!

No problem.


(Other players are welcome - just post here if you want to be included in the next game.)

Yes, please.

You know it!