The resurrected miniatures painting and showing off thread

So I dumped coffee on my carbon fibre decal sheet, killing the front fork’s fender experiment. I then went ahead and melted ALL of my decal work:

Heartbreaking to say the least, but it’s a “shelf item” and, hopefully the following quick snaps at about 90% complete illustrate why I’m moving ahead without any changes.


I spent May mostly finishing up my last Warmaster units.

I did have time to get a few Napoleonic French in Egypt painted, plus got a start on some supernatural monsters for them to accidentally awake.


I thought this model was done. Client says he wants way more red.

We shall see.


I can see a few key points to add it, just for some unification with the fleet. I’ll guess they’d be happy with a bar along the N-S [and/]or E-W segments. Gorgeous work.

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That’s got more red now

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“Could you flip it so the currently silver bits are red, and then the now red parts are silver? I did say ‘a LOT more red.’”



A new work in progress appears!


So I splashed out on a new 3d printer now that my “lockdown is coming!” Photon is looking long in the tooth.

Went for a mars4 ultra 9k for the absolute smallest x-y pixel size possible, tiny build volume be damned!

So far the prints are absolutely stellar and a world away from the already decent old first gen photon. I’ve decided to try and do this beauty justice and give it my slowest and best paint job yet - or at least that’s the aim!


I think I’m pretty happy with this one. One of my best I think, though as usual I think I’ve spent more time on the face than the rest combined. Also fairly typically, now that I zoom in on the photos there are so many areas that look shoddy, but at real size they look good so I’ll try and forget that I looked!



If you want to extend the question “is a piece done?” into the infinite, keep pixel peeping. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart:

[EDIT] (And why is this always the afterthought?): It looks fantastic!!


A little update. Just starting to get messy, which is always the most fun.


Spent the first part of last month painting up a few more monsters for playing the Silver Bayonet in Egypt - a Serpopard, swarms of rats and beetles, plus werejackels.

I added a few Albanian soldiers under arms with the Ottomans, plus a water bearer as well.

Finally, the miserable start to the summer here made me return to painting figures from the Retreat from Moscow.



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Some nice texture work on the animals/bugs, and great photography as usual!

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Cheers very much. The beetles were quite a lot of fun messing around attempting different colour gradients via stippling. The Serpopard is a completely smooth sculpt, and I thought it needed some texture in addition to the pattern of spots.

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Continued progress on the big commission project. Gotta step up the pace…