The resurrected miniatures painting and showing off thread

Assuming that they came as bare plastic, you did a great job on painting them.

Also, where did you grab your gaming mat from? I’ve been on the hunt for nice desert mat, but haven’t settled on anything.

The trees came as coloured plastic and yes I painted them because they were okay, but not good enough. I’m a fussy perfectionist about such things (caveat what I might think of as perfect may not actually be perfect).

Terrain mat here.


I feel like it’s always worth showing off how these things can look at various stages. To wit: check out this goopy nightmare:

[EDIT] Moving right along. Decals next. Then my fingernails and files get real dirty.


So many Khorne Berzerkers.
So much brass trim…


More later.


Great job on these. I really like these minis and you’ve done a bang up job. All that trim is exactly why I haven’t painted a chaos marine in 15 years. I’m impressed at your dedication to getting them done!


Current state of the mech suit:

And the reason it’s been slow going:


Twenty of the Khorne Berzerkers.

Ten of these guys.

Including one big dude…

I’ll post the last few in a few days.


March was spent painting smaller scale stuff. A battalion of Napoleonic British line infantry for the Peninsula campaign.

Then the start of a new project for spring - a couple of units of Chaos Marauders for Warmaster.


Those tiny Warmaster units are incredible. Cohesive as a piece, wonderful to dive into for detail. I’m in awe, that’s a crazy scale.

[EDIT] And @Marx I hope this doesn’t come off as backhanded but my goodness you’ve really leveled up recently.


My suspicion is @Marx is flexing old skills that were dormant. Choosing to speed paint whole armies previously where as now increased time per mini is necessary for commissions resulting in the effort being visible on a single miniature.


Not only have I been practicing the skills from the Cult of Paint painting lessons I’ve been given a camera as a birthday present. So I indulged in a mini minis studio and lighting setup. Crumbs it shows how poor an iphone is for photographing miniatures.


Fantastic job on those marine-things!

I’m really bad at 40K recognition. Red Marine look good. The boots in particular are very well done!

Not at all! Incredibly kind of you to say, honestly. I’m still terrified each time I return a commission to a client that this will be the time they tell me I’m a talentless hack and they want their money back.

Again, very kind of you to say, thank you. It’s certainly true that I’m trying to get models to a level where the customer has as little to complain about as possible.

For those of you who know me may be surprised to learn that I’m a shockingly insecure about… well, everything. For a while I was convinced I’m not talented enough to have imposter syndrome.

I just accepted a $2,700CAD commission for 139 Dystopian War models. I projected 8-12 weeks to complete it. It’s… a lot of stuff. Thankfully the level of detail doesn’t have to be too high, but it’s going to be a tonne of assembling, followed by a massive amount of airbrushing, and then painting wood decks on a lot of Commonwealth ships, robots, planes, and aircruisers.

Sooooo… you can all look forward to that?


VERY much will. The sculpts I’ve seen from Dystopian Wars are pretty exciting.

[EDIT] I’ll post the current state of things while I’m at it.

[a few key elements are just floating there for pictorial satisfaction. So much to go.]

Touch ups and details, and three more decals. WHEW.


Just a tiny update on the 150-ish boats I have to paint…

I have done more in the last few days, but good golly there are a lot.