The resurrected miniatures painting and showing off thread

That’s really excellent. Loving the weathering as well and then the camo in the troopers is really snazzy too. Marvellous stuff


Arrrgggghhhh now I wish I were a modeller too… that sounds amazing

I have a buddy with a 3D printer and a lot of Engineering degrees… I’ll ask him if he can whip up something.

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How did you do the weathering? An undercoat of silver and scuffed it manually? Or is it painted on?


So, basically, you paint the model “clean,” and then you add layers of weathering on top.

I added orange scratches to the maroon areas, metal scratches to the entire area, a “rust” wash to the nose of the speeder for the streaks, and then three different types of metal sponged on (like, with a little sponge) for the stippling effect. And then touchups with any and all of those colours in various places.

I know people who use the “salt” method (basically doing what you said: paint the colour you want to damage down to, then stick on some salt, then paint over that, and then use a little damp cloth to remove the salt and paint attached to it), but I’m too much of a coward for that.

I basically followed Sorastro’s tutorial as closely as I could. I am happy with the end result, and it “only” took me a full day of painting between writing chapters.


Next Haqqislam mini done, a Najjarun Engineer. It’s been a tough paint job this one as I got distracted by other stuff. Let’s hope I’m not running out of steam on the Haqq already as I’ve not got 300 points done even


Just about to start a new project after a giant hiatus.

I think I went in a bit big on the print settings!


Experimenting with two tone skin. Magenta shadows to pale blue highlights. My phone camera is struggling with it

Trying to plan out a scheme. Not sure. Any hair colour thoughts? I think the brown needs to be darkened down and the black leather needs lightening a fair bit. Think the undershirt needs to go white perhaps? Probably got to go white to grey on the fletching, but a colour would be nice.


I don’t think you should darken the brown overall but you should add some darker shades too it, just glaze some darker tones in to the creases and crevices. Maybe keeping to soft tones could work on the clothes and doing the undershirt with some sort of buff, tan or ivory could keep the light feel but soften the effect compared to white.


Finished up 2 units of Rebel Vets along with their Mk2s and a Princess Leia…

I am pretty happy with the barrel overheating effect, truth be told… and overall I think the units look pretty okay. Not great, but definitely not bad.

Only 20 more Rebels to go! Next up is probably the 2 FD Cannons (“Pizza Guns”)… and then after those, probably the 3rd unit of Vets.


Finished up a Khawarij and it was a joy. So I’m not burnt out on painting the Haqqislam :partying_face: really pleased with how this one came out and it was a smooth process.


This hair has already been a stupidly larger number of layers of tiny lines. I can’t decide if it needs to go brighter? Or change tint? Tricky.


Working on textures on leathers, lips, eyelids, skin. Glazed red over much of the cloak. Eyes getting started.

I think it’s starting to come together :grin:.

Still undecided on fletching colour though. Don’t want to detract from the important bits but also don’t want to be boring.


I think I’m happy with this. Detail where it matters and speed on some parts to get it done before I lost interest.

I’m particularly happy with some of the textures that were my main focus for experimenting.


Finished 2 FD Laser Cannons today…

Overall a pretty rough paint job, but whatever. Done.

Next up: my third and final unit of Vets, and then 5 Tauntauns. Whee.


“OK, we’re being deployed to a red dust planet, what do we have for camouflage?”

“A gray base with a blue, black, and white pattern to disrupt outlines.”



I’m channeling my inner Canadian Armed Forces…

There is a history of this sort of thing happening…