The resurrected miniatures painting and showing off thread

Yeah, it’s a silly design for a cockpit (I mean, the pilot has to be looking out of the nose!), but it’s iconic and I get why they stick with it.

Of course, windows in any modern or sci-fi military vehicle is idiotic, but as an artifact of the time Battletech was originally written, again, whatever. I don’t make pee&pew sounds with skyscraper sized robots because it makes logical sense. :slight_smile:


Have you looked at things like mircoset and microsol? There are tons of equivalents and they’re really useful when it comes to applying decals. Makes it easier once you get through learning how to use them


Sure, I agree with you on the windows thing, but what I meant to suggest is that in other illustrations the whole idea of the “menacing skull face” hasn’t really convinced me that it would work, that it would be intimidating on the battlefield - but I can believe in these paint jobs having something of that effect. (Even if it does also carry a slight Mexican wrestling feel.)

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I just want to briefly say that with the conclusion of those last 15 models I was fully painted for less than a day.

While attaching decals to my Clan Wolf models (around 100 models, now with 1-2 decals each), a box of Kell Hounds arrived. It’s just 4 more mechs (Wolfhound, Nightsky, Crusader, and Griffin), but gosh, I really wanted to be fully painted.

Ah well. These will take a day to crunch out, and then I’ll be fully painted again and onto my Star Wars Legion backlog (a unit of Mandalorians, a Din and Grogu, and… oh, a limited edition Grogu with Tea, I believe). And then I’ll be fully painted in that until Commander Cody drops.


Sekban done apart from the base which will be done when the other 2 in this set of 3 get done. Happy enough with this, the older sculpts aren’t anywhere near as nice to paint as the ones from the computer sculpting switch on. Next is an Al Hawwa which is an awfully old sculpt but as a regular infiltrator hacker it’s necessary to do for an efficient mid field specialist.


Painting frenzy continues. As it’s an older sculpt less nice to paint but it’s done and dusted so very pleased with that.

Next up is a Zhayedan with breaker rifle