The resurrected miniatures painting and showing off thread

I’ve not posted here for a bit, so a bit of an assortment coming up.

First up are the minotaurs from Warhammer Quest

Tried my hand at some freehand shield designs

Various bits of small Napoleonics - this is everything I’ve done this Spring

Finally, a few samurai and ashigaru


Those shields are fantastic!


Thank you. They ended up a bit more goofy looking than intended, but were quite fun to attempt.


I think they fit the ork ethos quite well - they were always a bit goofy anyway


I was thinking the same thing. Fantastic on those Oldhammer sculpts!

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Been a while since I posted, but that’s only because it’s been a while since I painted!

Finished up the last models in my copy of Descent, and I am proud to say that it is now completely, fully painted. Woo!

All done, all perfectly forgettable, but done! Done, done, done.

Next up, 4 more Battlemechs, and then… I think I’m done everything super pressing and can start dabbling in my backlog? Maybe? We’ll see!


Nothing being painted at the moment because I’ve been building the models I want to paint. I have this need to make models just so, and that means I spend a lot of time converting and musing over what to add to customize a miniature to my liking.

And I’m currently finishing off two more mechs, and making an alien walker inspired by the District 9 exosuit.


More quick and dirty Bardsung. Blue Duergar dwarves. If nothing else, I’m getting some good dry brushing practice. Not sure which monster group is next.


New project for the summer/autumn - 10mm skaven.


First few colours on. Breaking my usual habit and going closer to stock colours this time.
I’m not sure that doing this entire box at once is a good idea!

Still need to work the orange up quite a bit more before blocking in the rest.


Took me about a month to paint 5 Descent models… and about 3 days to finish these 4 Battlemechs.

Such is life!

As per usual, I don’t think they’re done to a very high level, but they are done, and that counts for a lot.

Next up: Jyn Erso from Star Wars Legion, and then all the expansion content for Journeys in Middle-Earth!


I completely agree. Once you’ve taken on more than a tiny handful of models you can safely toss perfection out the window and just look towards getting the damn things done. Nobody’s taking the time to scrutinize anyway.

That said, there’s a real knack to working out a process that’s quick and also personally satisfying. It’s a tricky balance!

[EDIT] Which, by the way, I think you’ve hit nicely!


Project yu jing is a mountain of metal. I’ve got airbrush cramp now.

I think edge highlighting these might drive me insane…


Edge highlighting is over rated, or if you prefer over done by many. A little edge highlighting goes a long way.

Actually (ironic tone), better to practice edge darkening, and center panel highlighting. More realistic too (for definitions of realistic that are flexible).


One yu jing done. Many to go. Thought I should do one all the way through and check I’m happy with my plan before trying to batch some others.

Macro photos are not kind to tiny infinity models!


It amazes me that out of the whole back armour, they decided to plate his (looks like a him) buttocks. That has to be uncomfortable as hell to sit on…


Quick little paint job on Jyn Erso, marking yet another model for my “No, I Don’t Play Rebels” collection of Star Wars Legion.

Tried to do some highlights to add more detail to my usual slap-dash painting. I think it works okay? I think I went too light with the skin highlights, but otherwise I am pretty happy with her.


Standard urban warfare. Got to make sure you cover all the entrances and exits. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was going to say how much I liked the skin! Smooth application, nice blends, well placed highlight :grin::+1:

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I think you should go lighter again with the highlights and then glaze back a bit.

Overall this looks really nice, you got the black and yellow spot on. Good contrast and flow to both colours.

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