The resurrected miniatures painting and showing off thread

I so love your terrain details on the bases


It’s really very low effort. I use a pre-made base ready mix of various flock, grass, stones and sand. Whilst you can make it yourself in bulk to save money, I’m (1) a bit lazy and (2) lack the space to hold litres of the stuff. So I buy it in. These guys have a Mediterranean soil mix made by Geek Gaming Scenics. To apply you just paint the base with pva, and dip into the mix. Tap off the excess. Done.

The ploughed field was a little different. A corrugated carboard sleeve from a take away coffee cup makes the furrowed field. I covered the outside and just overlapped the edges with pva, and chucked on some fine sand (sourced from a local beach). That gets painted and a quick drybrush. Then some clump foliage was added around the edges, and some patches of the base ready mix from above added.


Alrighty, final Descent Legends of the Dark hero. Brynn, the Human Avenger. What’s an Avenger? I have no idea (or, if you prefer: “Avenger? I hardly even KNOW 'er!”)

The tutorial I was following seemed to think the thing Brynn is standing on is a monster of some variety. On closer inspection, I am 90% sure it’s a little statue that she’s standing on, but hey, whatever, it looks okay. Happy with how the cobblestones look…

Some nice gold areas, using a nice gold that I discovered GW makes (“Retributor Armour”, I believe… it’s great!).

Around this point I discovered that the tutorial I was using was straight-up cooky-dooks. He used brown for all the areas I decided to paint Orange (Contrast Orange is the best paint ever), and I had to paint over a few of the gold areas because they very obviously were not. Whatever, it’s fine, moving along.

Cool. I didn’t use contrast paints for the cloth (contrast blues are… weak. Not great), and I decided to add some silver to the shield and sword because I think they look better.Happy that I got the eye.

And that’s it! All the heroes are now painted and I’ve started on the baddies. I have 2 exams due this week, so no painting for at least a few days… but the baddies will be knocked out pretty quick since I won’t put the same level of (already humble) detail into them.


“What are you avenging?” “What have you got?”

For my taste, and I emphasise this is only my taste, I think I’d have wanted more contrast between the coppery main armour and the gold highlights. Perhaps a darker metallic red on the main body? But I’m only going by the images and it’s your mini to paint and play with.


I totally respect the perspective. If I hadn’t painted the little gargoyle-thing under her foot red I would’ve probably painted her red and gold… but the card art is tan-and-orange, so this is kinda closer (the tan being the gold sections, natch).

She’s the one I am least proud of, but I still think she’s okay. But I definitely appreciate the feedback!


A few samurai and a Bushido model I was given. I quite like the ‘at rest’ pose of the samurai, as it makes them great guard models for skirmish games.


Those samurai are very cool, like you say the at rest pose is great but I also really dig your colours.

The Bushido model is making me laugh/cringe though. Like the designers were having a conversation about being more inclusive and having a female model.

Bushido employee 1. ‘We could make this one a woman

BE2 Yeah, great idea. Probably one with boobs so you definitely know it’s a woman.

BE1 yeah, big boobs. So you can see it at the scale.

BE2 agreed, you need to know they’re there. How do women stand to be combat ready?

BE1 easy answer. All the women I’ve seen always have on hip pushed out. I think it’s how they’re made.

BE2, yeah all the pictures I’ve seen women seem to really focus on their hips and boobs. Do they have the same number of bones as us?

BE1, all this talk of women I’ve got one more bone, if you know what I mean.

BE2 Fnar, fnar. Yeah, yeah. So let’s get to sculpting and see if this is as exciting as we think it will be.

Having painted Infinity minis for years I’m also guilty of supporting this stuff, but after a break it’s now somewhat glaring. Also props to CB that they’ve been getting away from such things, maybe not fast enough but progress is at least there. I hope the Bushido people have been doing likewise and this is an older mini.


Yeah, completely agree. I was given this model, so I don’t really know how representative it is of the range produced for Bushido.


Been painting up some Marvel Crisis Protocol recently. About half way through finishing off the models i have.
Got another 3 needing finishing touches, 2 half way through with just a base coat and just started green goblin last night.


Finally finished my Targaryen army for the A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game! They’re not perfect but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Here’s some pics

Dothraki Screamers

Dothraki Outriders


Khal Drogos Blood Riders

Ilyrio and Danaerys

Jorah Mormont

Khal Drogos

The Army

P.S. ASOIAF is really good btw. It’s still definitely a tabletop war game but if you like those if pilfered a bunch of good ideas from boardgames. Using activations to compete for spots on the tactics board is great and the tactics decks go a long way toward making your army feel unique without a huge rules overhead. Eric Lang was one of the co designers and you can feel it. The free app is great how they’re treating updates is great and it’s cheaper than most tabletop wargames check it out if you haven’t.


Nice work on the horses :racehorse:


I’m going to try and bang through all of the baddies today and tomorrow, just get these finished and move on to the next project (Journeys in Middle-Earth is looking most likely for the next task after I finish Descent).

So, no tutorials/walkthroughs for the next several batches of models, but if anyone is curious just ask and I’ll happily explain anything.

Three puppies to start with. I’m almost done the golems too, I’ll post those in about an hour or so.


I likely won’t be painting Descent, (I’ve got Bardsung at the top of the list once this school year is over) but I’ve been greatly enjoying your pics. I’m stoked to see the golems. I love their design.


Boom. Two very angry piles of stone. Not bad work, if I do say so myself.

Finishing an application for a library job (this will be… I dunno, the 10th time I’ve applied for a library job in either Kitchener or Waterloo… maybe this time… sigh) and then going to alternate between 4 Zealots and 4 Wights. Hopefully get them done shortly after lunch and then on to Fae and Blood Witch(es?).



Indeed. Some rulesets ask for skirmishers to be represented on the table, so I make a pair of two bases per battalion if required. For the French line infantry, they are the Voltigeur company; for British line infantry, the skirmishers are their light company.

Or indeed the Rifle companies.

“Its the bloody Crapauds, sir!”

Yep. I have 6 skirmish bases for the 95th, although it was mainly the 60th Rifles that were split into companies during the Peninsula war and distributed amongst brigades to try and mitigate the French light infantry tactics.

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Another model that was given to me, this time a little diorama that was the show model for the Salute convention in 2018.


Finished up 8 more baddies for Descent Legends of the Dark and am now working on 6 more (the baddies come in sets of 1 to 4, so I’m working on a set of 2 Fae and 4 Blood Witches now).

Here are the 4 Wights and the 4 Zealots from the game. Content with how they turned out: