The Pearple's Choice Awards 2019-2020

See The Pearple's Choice Awards 2019-2020 for more:

The old forum is gone, but the Pearple’s Choice (as begun by clg6000) is still here, and we’re catching up on 2019 as well! Please now send your nominations by private message to @RogerBW; you may nominate in as many categories as you like, up to five items per category. (We’re using the Hugo voting rules which I can explain in more detail if you like.)

Here are the categories and a quick guide to eligibility:

  • Best game of 2019-2020 (should have a BGG publication year of 2019-2020)
  • Best [type] game of 2019-2020, where [type] is each of:
    • Abstract Strategy
    • Children’s
    • Customizable
    • Family
    • Party
    • Soloable
    • Strategy
    • Thematic
    • War
      (BGG pub year is 2019-2020, and [type] appears in the top two types on the game’s BGG page, except for Soloable; in that case either official or fan player count includes 1.)
  • Best game artwork (BGG pub year is 2019-2020)
  • Best expansion (BGG pub year is 2019-2020; can be an expandalone but must be combinable with another game)
  • Erik Tengblad award for best game from an earlier year I only played for the first time in 2019-2020 (BGG pub year is earlier than 2019)
  • Best game review (first published in 2019-2020) (not necessarily by SU&SD)
  • Minutewalt award for 2020: Best socially distanced game (any game is eligible)
  • pillbox award for 2020: Game you’re anticipating but haven’t had a chance to get enough players over yet (any game is eligible)

Nominations will close on 14 December; voting will run until 11 January. Nomination rules are not strict; if a game came out in 2018 but got a much wider release in 2019, just explain this in your nomination and we’ll probably allow it.

Please feel free to tell other SU&SD fans and game players in general about this thread. (I don’t do Discord/Disqus for example.)

[edit by pillbox]

The easiest way to send a direct message to RogerBW for nominations is to click his name at the top of this thread and then select “:email: Message”.

If you are a new forum member just joining us, the forum software may prevent you from sending direct messages. If this is the case, please reply to this thread and one of the moderator staff will make the necessary changes to allow you to submit your votes via direct message.

Alternately, feel free to look around and check out our subforums and read some of the threads posted by our wonderful community; by spending at least 10 minutes reading 5 or more topics/threads, you can automatically earn Trust Level 1, which is the minimum priviledge level required to send PMs.

In addition: welcome to the site!

Google Sheet to help you format your nominations (use is absolutely optional, more detailed explanation):


Well, the idea is that nominations should be private – the more people nominate something, the more likely it is to be on the final ballot. But if you want to tell people what you’re nominating too, that’s fine…

(Yeah, I could have made that clearer!)

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Aah. I’ll send it via a message and delete


Love the special awards :heart_eyes:


Is there a way to make this more visible? A banner?


I can’t find “customizable” as a category on BGG :thinking:

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It’s a subdomain rather than a category. And the database suggests it’s not much of a year for Customizable games:

BGG Search: 2019-2020 released Customizable Games

EDIT: in this case, I think the database efforts have been weak rather than a dearth of customizable games over the last 2 years.

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How do you filter by year? My BGG database-fu is weak :frowning:

Just found the “advanced search” tab :woman_facepalming:


I won’t have a lot of nominations for several categories… also several of these like Party Games and Children’s Games are curiously empty for the past 2 years.

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In case anyone else is wondering:

Click in the Search box on the top right, then click “Advanced Search”

Fill out the “Year Released Range” for 2019 through 2020

Optionally, you can filter by games with at least 10 user ratings (or any number that seems reasonable; this will filter out a surprising number of cruft)
Optionally, you can filter by games marked as “Owned” or “Rated” in your collection, if you have a collection

Most of the “Category” votes this year correlate to one of the Subdomains, so one-at-a-time, you could search “Abstract Games”, “Children’s Games”, “Customizable Games”, “Family Games”, “Party Games”, “Strategy Games” and “Wargames”.

For the solo games, just set the “# of Players Range”'s first box to 1.

This process/search not account for the requirement that Roger has set out that the “Type” (subdomain) has to be one of the first two listed on the game page – that will have to be manually checked.


I struggled to think of more than one game (and one expansion) for all the 2019-2020 categories, and the search just confirmed what I had expected - I haven’t played any other new games! Feels a bit off to nominate a game as “best of 2019-2020” when I don’t have any contemporary games to compare it to, but since I think it is one of the best games I’ve played, I guess it’s OK.


I think I have two nominations total, but I might be surprised about the release date of something, I’ll have to take a look.

EDIT: Keyforge listed as a customisable game seems… Dubious. The entire point is that you can’t customize it.

Conversely the new Netrunner expansions don’t appear on that list. :upside_down_face:

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Am I right in thinking that you can only nominate each game in one category?


You may nominate in as many categories as you like. In each category you may make up to five nominations. (Edited the first post to make this clearer.)

These are all scored with a weighting system (so if you nominate 5 games they get 0.2 nominating points each), and the games with fewest nominating points and nominations are eliminated until there are six left. If a game you nominated is eliminated, the nominating points are redistributed to the other games you nominated that are still in contention. This is only a partial explanation; more details are at that Hugo voting rules link.


If you want to make the nomination and append a note for why you think it’s valid, the Mighty Administrators will take this into consideration. :slight_smile:


Surely the @pillbox award should be for the most games bought in a 12mth period?


Maybe next year.


Do reviews include videos podcasts and written?


I would say that podcasts are associated more with ‘hot takes’ than full reviewing, but sure!