The Crowdfunding Thread

Yokai Septet

Same components, pocket edition box. $18 or $31 for 2 (in the US).


Already backed!


Also backed!


Any UK people up for a group pledge? (May not be possible or worth it.)


I think you can buddy up for shipping, or go 12. You’d have to message them about anything in between.

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I totally thought I backed Gloomhaven: the Miniature Edition… I totally did not?! It’s not on my backerkit. And while I have been getting the update mails… there was nothing on my credit card on the date I had put into BGG… so… yeah… I’ll have to wait until it hits retail. Oh well… that’s okay.

I’ve generally been good with backing less. But I could not resist the Oath expansion.


Greg Porter, known for RPGs such as Macho Women with Guns and EABA, and card games including Killing Lee Garvin and The Donner Party, has announced a much bigger project coming to Kickstarter:

Iceland: Settlement to Independence

“I am doing a more ambitious Kickstarter this time, a worker-placement economic board game on the history of Iceland, with the interesting twist that it is both cooperative and competitive. That is, only one player can win, but everyone has to work together (enough) to reach a victory threshold first . Rather than belabor you with details here, I will just point you at the Backerkit page for early interest in it (the Kickstarter is supposed to launch around July 1).”

Not being much of a boardgamer I can’t really judge it from this first look, but thought it might appeal to some of you.


My biggest regret when I lived near Forbidden Planet in central London was that I didn’t ask them for a sign there were no longer using. Paranormal Romance had got big around 2010 and they were giving it more shelves, and so they took down the brushed metal sign for the shelf of “MACK BOLAN” and other Lone-Army-Man-Kills-Bad-Guys books.

The sign for this genre shelf just said “Macho Dudes With Guns”.


One for any old Flying Buffalo fans: Mr. B. Games is into the last 11 days of a Kickstarter for Nuclear Destruction - A Nuclear War Card Game, the last game that Rick Loomis was working on before his death in 2019.