UK group purchase of Yokai Septet

Continuing the discussion from The Crowdfunding Thread:

All right then, here’s the plan. If it can be arranged, and if it’s worth it, I order as many copies of Yokai Septet as people want, they’re shipped to me in one consignment, and I charge each person a fair share of the total cost to get them to me, plus postage in the UK.

I will pay up front; you pay me when I have the things in hand, and I ship them out or bring them to conventions.


  • If the publishers are able to sort out pre-paid VAT in shipments to the UK then this is probably not worth it, because the main saving will be on the per-shipment “collection fee” applied by importers to the UK. That’s still in flux as I write. I’ll make this decision before the end of the KS so that you still have time to make your own pledge.
  • The current multiple purchase options are a box of 2 or a bot of 12, the latter only for retailers, but if people are interested I’ll contact the publishers and see if a shipment of another size oan be contrived.

I’m jumping in because this is usually the kind of thing that I’d be interested in, but I already own it.

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But this is the POCKET VERSION!! You don’t own that! (Probably) :stuck_out_tongue:


Guess it’s just me then. (19 hours to go.)