The Crowdfunding Thread

So the reviews are coming in for Galactic Renaissance, the “sequel” to Inis.

BGG is coming in at 7.5, which, given modern rating inflation and the bias granted expensive Kickstarters you already have, is alarming. Space-Biff trashed it.

Most of the other reviews are from prototypes, and during the campaign the designer/publisher were very communicative about changes made in response to critiques. And it sounded like they were being smart about it.

I haven’t had a chance to play it, but I was optimistic based on the unboxing and manual (and, of course, pedigree). Well, if it doesn’t work out it will be a chunk of change and a big spot on the shelf reclaimed. Oh well.


I love Inis. I think it is a great design. I have played it just three times, two of them with my own copy.

I was tempted by Galactic Renaissance, but since it’s older sibling so rarely gets played, I decided I could not justify it.

Hopefully it is good, and just is not to some people’s taste. Can’t please everyone, as they say.


That was my hope! But the collective rating on BGG tends more toward consensus. And Thurot was very articulate in his criticisms, which spoke to fundamental design rather than taste. He put it in front of both veterans of Inis and newcomers - the newcomers didn’t react as strongly as the Inis vets but still, reportedly, came away lukewarm.

But yeah, I’ll get to form my own opinion one of these days. I think I’ll have to two hand it first.


I’m very keen on this and Cyclades: SUPER DELUXIFIED EDITION. One thing that starts to form is that I now prefer instant victory that Inis does - which I hope GR does too. And now dislike VP-based area controls like Root and Kemet. El Grande seem to avoid this as the scoring is always so dynamic.

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So Very Wrong About Games rate it highly and think it’s much better than Inis which they don’t like. So at least there’s a range of opinions.


Our regular gaming buddy has just received his copy, so I’ll report back!


GalRen has standard scoring up to 20. 30 to win, but you have to get your last 10 points all in one turn. If you land anywhere in the 20’s, your score is reset to 20.

It’s a good idea. A little less sudden than Inis can be, but still requires a planning and coordination for one big killshot.


We played this today. I’m quite surprised that people have such strong opinions - I thought it was fine. I think I prefer Inis because it feels a bit more interactive but I’d definitely play GR again.

There’s no drafting after the beginning, and to begin with you can’t do a lot. The end of the game came down to which one of us could cycle through our decks fastest to reach the scoring card.


Received my Allplay Trick Taker bundle, Tricktakers and Haggis from PCG, and Huang + expansions from Phalanx. All I’m missing is Through the Desert and co from Allplay. I’ve seen UKers receiving it so ETA must be very soon


  • Guards of Atlantis “more characters” expansions
  • Age of Rails
  • Innovation 11
  • Railways of Lost Atlas
  • Allplay/Bitewings - Through the Desert/Cascadero
  • Pax Illuminaten / Pax Maleficium
  • String Railway
  • Old King’s Crown
  • Forks 2nd ed
  • Ur 1830 BC from All Aboard Games

This actually looks fine - with 7 of them being new items. I’ll add in Feudum 7th Anniversary upgrades soon. Indonesia will have to be retail.


Kickstarters I expect to be incoming within the „month“ (or so):

  • Unsettled (via Crowdfinder… should be on the way soonish… probably while we‘re traveling)
  • Through the Desert, Zoo Vadis + Trailblazers expansion will be 1 big one
  • Gloomhaven Baby Edition ? I feel like it should be arriving soonish, but I haven‘t checked EU distribution timelines.

Kickstarters I expect around SPIEL:

  • Clank! Legacy 2
  • Terraforming Mars Prelude 2 and the playmats
  • Cyclades Legendary
  • Innovation Ultimate
  • Unconscious Mind
  • Arcs
  • Obsession Characters Expansion
  • „The Lid“ (Planet Unknown Supermoon)
  • Paperback Anniversary & Typewriter (very very delayed… but Fowers tends to be at SPIEL with new stuff so…) having just noticed I might be burned out on Hardback or maybe word games… not quite so excited

Stuff that‘s been badly delayed and I didn‘t check further updates:

  • Wonderland‘s War „The I am never backing localized games again“ Deluxe edition that is apparently driving the publisher nuts because the retailers have their localized editions and all the backers are annoyed because theirs are still stuck somewhere. I‘ve quit being annoyed as long as it arrives at some point. I feel sorry for him. (I refrain from reading too much about it atm… I have enough other stuff to be anxious and annoyed about, so please nobody tell me if they know any more negative stuff about this. I don‘t want to know.)

Beyond SPIEL:

  • Bebop—backed just recently
  • Hispania—backed just recently
  • Defenders of the Wild—no idea really when this one will hit, there were production photos

The backlog is shrinking and the worrisome complicated things are resolving one after another. All the stuff I expect to arrive with SPIEL I should probably have waited for retail. It will all be there. As will I… I am learning.


Is Feudum good? Seems to be pretty divisive, but it looks cool.


Checks Notes

Age of Rail


That’s it. I have an interest list that includes Stalk Exchange and SETI


I like it. It has it’s quirks and can fall down in expectation if someone does a blocking no actions. Less applicable in 4 player than 3 player. That being said I think working around that blocking is fun. The semi programming is fun for each turn. It’s quite strategic with some tactical wiggle room and room to change tack. It also gets bonus points for being unique even after all this time.

There are downsides to it that may be bigger or not depending on your tastes and situation. It’s a lot of learning, it’s not overly complicated but there’s a lot of it. After the learning it’s clean but all players need to be willing to get over that hump. There’s also a lot of stuff you can do so it can be AP inducing or overwhelming for those who struggle with lots of options. Plus side is all games can be played radically differently. Lastly, it’s long. Personally I like it being long as you can really develop your strats and schemes and have time to mess with other people for larks.

Biggest plus side for me is the singular art style and presentation. I really like the whole Robert Crumb and Psychedelic vibes having spent a lot of time listening to 60s psychedelic music.


I have

Forks 2
The Old Kings Crown
My Favourite Things

Waiting to be fulfilled. After the customs fee we got stung by on the Tricktakers/ Haggis but I’m even more wary of Kickstarters; I don’t think it will ever be cheaper for UK buyers than retail any more so I think I’ll only back stuff that I’m close to certain I won’t be able to get from now on.

Age of Rail and Cyclades are tempting, but I imagine they’ll both be affordable in the UK shops sooner rather than later.


Thanks for sorting out group buy though! Like you I’m fairly sure they’ll be hard to obtain in the UK though.


I’m very out of touch with the latest board game hubbub but I wont be surprised if they find it very divisive. It’s that kind of Lacerda complexity but Wyvern and I find it very fun to play because it’s very dynamic. The decisions on the map changes the map and the guilds. Decisions on the guild changes the guilds and the map.

The art is very pretty but with terrible UX. They seem to make some corrections to that now.


My current crowdfunding exposure:

  • Forks 2e (end June?)
  • Sentinels DE Disparation (end September?)
  • String Railway (end October?)