The Crowdfunding Thread

It seems I’ve been sucked back into Kickstarter :person_facepalming:

I backed the new Kabuto Sumo and this little trick-taking game:


Huh, I only got old Kabuto Sumo at Essen… love the game, but I’ll probably wait for retail.


That was surprising, I received yesterday a n expansion from ISS Vanguard that I had completely forgotten: The Lost Fleet. I have to admit, if it wasn’t for how quick my shelf space is depleting, it was a very nice surprise.

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Would anybody mind having a look at my KS page for the 2nd edition of Forks, and let me know if anything is glaringly wrong? Thanks!


Few things.

First big image has a double of the Blue Harbour card. It might be better to switch one for a different card?

I presume a typo here, second paragraph under Gameplay:
“The goal in Forks 2nd Edition is to make the money money by investing in the best marketed destinations”. I think it was meant to read ‘most money’?

In the KS exclusives, this paragrapgh didn’t scan well:
“The first is the ‘Empty Sign’ bonus card for use to give players a small advantage, either to level any playing fields, …” The ‘for use’ should perhaps be ‘used’ instead?

Good luck!


Along with what Scribbs mentioned…

Consider shunting the text “15 min” slightly sideways on the main image under the “Story” heading. At the moment the “1” is a dark bar which happens to be overlaid precisely on another quite-dark bar of the exact same width, making it easy to mis-read as “5 min”.

(Or alternatively, get a white border around the “15 min” and “2-6” to match the white border around the icons above each of those labels. (Or do both, if that’s best.))

the reprint of our sellout card game Forks

noun: sellout

  • a commercial success
  • (informal) a performance for which all tickets are sold
  • (informal) a betrayal
  • (informal) a person who betrays their principles, standards, friends, etc

As intended it’s a very accurate phrasing, and I don’t have another suggestion, but some readers might gravitate to the wrong definition.

(Although if betraying your friends is how you win the game, maybe it’s actually an intentional pun, in which case I can only approve :).

The catch? Each card is both an investment and marketing value, meaning the more you invest the less that destination can be marketed.

Each card has both an investment and marketing value?

Players then add up the values of the cards in their hand- remembering that some will likely be negative

“hand – remembering” (? I guess not… I see the same in many other places, so I presume it’s intentional/preference.)

We were delighted to have the first edition featured in Jamey Stegmaier’s ‘My Favourite Mechanisms’

‘My Favorite Game Mechanism’ is the exact name. Includes “Game” (although he then omits that in the thumbnail). “Mechanism” singular. And U.S. spelling (which you may or may not wish to replicate).

Maybe: “We were delighted to have the first edition featured in Jamey Stegmaier’s ‘My Favorite Game Mechanism’ series.”

All artwork is original art by Rusembell, who did our artwork for Die of the Dead and Damask.

A missed opportunity to hyperlink those titles?

The second KS exclusive is for people who like to sleeve their card games. We will be printing a limited number of larger two-part rigid boxes which will fit all cards in when sleeved.

I can see there being FAQs about that:

  • Does this edition come with sleeves? (I imagine not).
  • Assuming not, what are the limits for sleeve dimensions and thickness? ( says “sleeves with a thickness of 60 to 90 microns are considered “in the middle””, so text like “up to 90 microns” or “we suggest sleeves with thickness of X-Y microns” could be useful for some folks.

That kind of detail can just go directly in the FAQs, of course.

We understand that backing a Kickstarter is always taking a risk […]

  • Guarantee getting the game.

If there’s a risk, it’s not a guarantee. (Or if it’s a guarantee, there’s no risk.) I do know what you mean, but “guarantee” is about the strongest possible word you could use there.

This will be our 4th crowdfunding campaign (3 on KS, 1 on Gamefound). Please check our previous campaigns


Conversion rates are approixmate


New theme and artwork- we’ve tried to make the game more accessable through theme, and even more beautiful.


Simultaneous play keeps the game fast paced with no downtime.

“fast-paced” (perhaps; again, just how I’d write it.)

Player count has increased to up to 6 players- this has resulted in more game cards, so the only additional optional rule is the merge rule.

This might just be me never having played the game (this is the “what’s changed?” section after all), but I didn’t follow why “more game cards” could have a consequence of only one additional optional rule. Should that have been two separate bullet points?

That’s everything I could see. The art looks great and the game sounds like good fun! I hope the campaign goes well.


I know where I’m coming if I ever need proofing on a tight budget =)


Holy smokes! That’s a lot to go through, but I will be doing so at the weekend when I’ve got some time. Thank you!


Done! Loads of changes so thank you for that. You’re right about sellout actually being the negative version of the word, but nothing else could go there without being untrue (hardly a hit!). I’ll give myself a week to see if I can come up with something better. Also need to add all the previews and review videos in, which means watching media about something I created, which I hate


Maybe something like “the reprint of our game, Forks, the first edition of which sold-out quickly!”


Wooo!! The Golden Spike hand-mades have started their trek through America and soon, across the Pond.

Z and I ordered 1841: Northern Italy, 18Ardennes, 1832: The South, 1850: The Midwest.

1841 one is very interesting as it allowed “subsidiaries” to exists. That’ll be very interesting to see.


Earth: Abundance going to Kickstarter on 22 April. No information beyond that yet.

My immediate thought: well, I like Earth, but I don’t feel it’s in need of “more of the same”; it already has a huge deck. A lot will depend on what else they add.


Gone live this morning, almost funded, feels weirdly low stakes when the price isn’t that high. Also managed to let “Chenges to first edition” slip through the proofing process! :see_no_evil: would appreciate any sharing, thank you


Backed it this morning! :slight_smile:


Ace of Aces, the oruginal swap-the-books combat game, is getting a new edition.

$60 for two books?


Oh, that must surely have been a direct inspiration for Joe Dever’s “Combat Heroes” books (1986, 1987). I didn’t realise it wasn’t an original system. (Or maybe it’s mentioned in the books, and I simply have no recollection.) Were there other clones as well?


WW1 Dogfight? Pass.

Gimme exactly the same game with mechs? 100% I am throwing my money at it.

(Yes, I am aware it was a thing that existed. It no longer exists. It must exist again…)


Me, I love early aeroplanes. My favourite airshow was the one where I got to see a Blériot XI in flight – puttering along at a low altitude and getting nudged around by the breeze. Absolutely magic!

I just have no idea whether or not I’d get to play this if I bought it – and it’s quite a lot of money if it would just be a curiosity. I’m certainly tempted though.


Oh yes. I think the most popular implementation was the Lost Worlds fantasy series but there were a ton of different books for that and several other series besides.

(Side note: I know one of the artists who worked on Lost Worlds and her experience with them stiffing her on the money she was owed resulted in her being unenthused about working with other game companies, like a fledgling little company called Wizards of the Coast who approached her to do card art for a game they were working on called Magic: The Gathering. She turned them down. )


I was just talking about that game last year. I want it, but not $89 with shipping (and I’m presuming tax on top of that as well). Hopefully there’ll be some retail copies over here.