The Crowdfunding Thread

As far as I can tell, drop-shipping is still viable (i.e. sending a whole pallet or container to a distributor in the destination country, and getting it cleared through commercial rather than retail channels), but you need to be sure of having enough going to that country to make that worth it.


With this kind of malarkey, I might not even back Sol!

Only train games and trick takers from here on, buckaroos.


there are still some that work out all right with shipping. and sometimes there are extras i want or i feel like retail will not be available enough… in rare cases i just want to make sure the game actually gets made. in even rarer cases I am just here screaming " please take my money"

but more and more i wait for retail. or German translations that get crowdfunding in Spieleschmiede which is basically a retail pre-order.


Indeed, same here - SotM Rook City Renegades shipping was estimated at “$36-$55” for this $50 expansion, and it turned out to be $52. For this, compared with retail, I get foil hero and villain cards. No idea what the retail cost will be, but the core box, delivered in the UK, is about $64.


In the end I jumped out of sagrada legacy. For the price it needs to be perfect for what it is and I think I noticed a few times and another commented how seeing the numbers written was hard using the pencils provided. And that the colouring didn’t really pop off the pages. Now this might be pure prototype problems but it’s a lot to lay out for a gamble. (Also in the kickstarter it says they are willing to eat a 20% increase in costs for themselves but the pricing feels like it has decided to charge the 20% in advance which is why they can eat it).


I’m still debating Sagrada Legacy. When it was initially announced, I wasn’t interested at all. When the details came out, I was intrigued. I do love me a coloring book. But I have too many games already, especially campaign games, and not enough time to play them. I need to discuss this one more with my husband and decide if it’s something we want together, something for me to have to solo on nights when he’s playing video games, or if it’s a pass.


If it’s any help (!) I don’t think there’s a solo mode.

It feels like it should be a nice cosy game with someone else. - the colouring book part makes it feel as much an activity as it is a game.


I’m not adverse to two-handed solo play. Rachael’s left side as Player 1 vs Rachael’s right side as Player 2 kind of thing. Works for lots of games, as long as there’s no true value to hidden information. A minor secret objective like getting a few extra points for one color isn’t usually enough to screw it up.


That is how I finished the My City campaign after my partner gave up on it… :slight_smile:



While unpacking I was wondering why it came with added grit, and then all was revealed :grimacing:


Has your copy arrived?

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Huh. Well, I suppose the theme is marginally less depressing than Pandemic


I wonder how long that will remain true for.



Matt Leacock’s Ennui.

Can it be stopped?

(Slightly channelling Neville from Edward Gorey’s “Gashlycrumb Tinies”.)


After that it will be a Don’t Look Up meteorite theme??


Woot! My Everdell Complete collection just shipped!


I currently have four Kickstarters “active”:

Frosthaven - one year our ship will come. Sarah and I have had enormous fun (and value) from Gloomhaven having gone through the campaign once ourselves, finishing another campaign with friends and currently polishing off the Forgotten Circles expansion. We’re hoping for much goodness from this one.

Tang Gardens: Seasons - I’m turning out to be a sucker for a big box and really like the look and feel or the original which I managed to con Dave and Alison into playing at BourneCon. This will probably be the least played of the four so if ever I’m likely to be in the same place as someone who’s keen to try it please let me know and I’ll bring it along.

Hamlet - who doesn’t want to build a church? Sarah loves building things in games so this one caught my eye and is alleged to be on it’s way already… it should be at Essen so @RogerBW can let me know how much of a mistake I’ve made.

7th Citadel - I really liked the look of 7th Continent but by all indications the multiplayer game play was lacking in variety which is something they’ve looked to address in Citadel. Another “who’d have thought it would be this hard even though we’ve done it before” development saga so not expecting anything till next year.

I suspect the arrival order will be Hamlet, Frosthaven, Tang, 7th Citadel between now(ish) and next summer.


To build a church or not build a church, that is the question.


Well, see Crunchy Euros: Septima, Hamlet, Tabriz, Galileo Project, Deal with the Devil, Sabika, and Air Mail for a preview.

Current boardgame crowdfunding exposure:

  • Ell Deck - this isn’t going to happen
  • Rallyman Dirt - maybe November?
  • Aeon’s End Past and Future - probably my last AE box
  • Damask - I was weak, but really enjoyed my demo game at Airecon
  • SotM Rook City Renegades - I suspect I’m paying ~$40 extra for foil cards and maybe a few weeks of extra play; won’t KS the next box.

Had a look at my active ones:

  • Shikoku: 1889 is still far away. But I think I will play this and Assiniboia easily than 1830
  • My copy of JoCo2 is still not here :sob:
  • Boardgametables’ reprint of games from Cwali
  • Pilgrim - again, I’m biased as I had my finger in this pie. I enjoyed it as a heavy Euro
  • Warpgate: Beyond
  • Ra! Ra! Ra!
  • Amun-Re
  • Damask
  • Keydom’s Dragons - Keydom was hard to find. Glad this reprint happened
  • Age of Steam expansions - just the maps, as I already have Age of Steam.
  • Horseless Carriage - it’s a pre-order and they have my money. Pretty much how crowdfunding works.

I’m on my trick taking phase so I backed these

  • Violet and the Grumpy Nisse
  • Five Three Five
  • Full Sun


  • 18GB: Railways of Great Britain
  • 18New England - 2 player expansion
  • 18SJ: Railways in the Frozen North
  • 1817 expansions

I’m waiting for Sol: Last Days of a Star and see what the cost is like. There’s also rumours that 1841: Northern Italy will see massed production