Spirit Island PbF - Game 1

I do have turn to fast power if you want it?

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I am not desperate for it, to be honest, all I could do is play Call of the Dahan Ways instead of Voice of Thunder and I can swap an explorer for a Dahan on Comaestro inland Jungle… (SW4??) so they do not build there this turn.

But anybody has a better use for it… give it to them.

EDIT: Wait, no, that would take away one of my air symbols, and I need that more. Ignore that.

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Stick to the plan, play no cards.


Okay, I think Harbingers of the Lightning to push my myconic friends from 5 to 4, gaining a fear in the process (play this as a fast power), then Winds of etc in 4 to downgrade the town to an explorer and gain 6 defend, so that the ravage will protect him and finish off the two explorers (I think?).

Not sure Im thinking far enough ahead though, I’m just reacting to this round, so other suggestions welcome. Also I have Lightning’s Boon to give a spirit two fast powers instead of slow ones if it helps, but I can save it until next round if it’s not that useful for anyone.


You are preventing any Blight from Ravage in your sands region, so I think your plan is fine. I can probably help out with your forest next turn in the event you can’t take care of it, but as long as you get the energy to play all three of your remaining cards, you should be able to destroy a couple of towns in the fast powers phase, if needed.

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Oooh, Winds of Rust it’s a good card indeed. I am waiting to see what I do with Manifestation of Power and Glory on the slow phase, after the invaders cards get revealed. We have all bases covered so far, and I haven’t kept count of the fear, but we might be close to a new card?

You are 7 Fear away from earning your next card.

@Chewy77 Am I correct in thinking you are leaving Gather the Warriors as a slow power? (4 air means it could be fast like Lead the Furious Assault if you want.)
Edit: if you want me to resolve all other fast powers and post the board state before you decide, that’s fine too.

@COMaestro What would you like to do with Call of the Deeps?

I think that’s all the info I need to resolve the fast power phase.

That will target my ocean to gather 2 Explorers from SW1.

I will also generate 2 Fear with my innate.

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Yes, I will leave it as slow for my Manifestation in the Slow Phase

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Fast Power Phase

Lordof1 resolves Harbingers of the Lightning, pushing 1 Dahan from NE5 to NE4 and causing 1 Fear (10/16).
Lordof1 resolves Winds of Rust and Atrophy targeting NE4, causing 1 Fear (11/16), replacing 1 Town with 1 Explorer and granting Defend 6.
Chewy77 resolves Sudden Ambush, gathering 1 Dahan and 1 Presence from SE7 to SE5, destroying 1 Explorer.
Chewy77 resolves Lead the Furious Assault, targeting SE5 and destroying 1 Town, which causes 1 Fear (12/16).
COMaestro resolves Call of the Deeps targeting the SW Ocean, gathering and drowning 2 Explorers from SW1.
COMaestro resolves Pound Ships to Splinters in SW1, causing 2 Fear (14/16).

Invader phase incoming…

Invader Phase

Ravage (Sands)

No invaders in NW7, SW2, SW6, SE2 and SE5.
NW4: 1 Explorer: 1 damage - 3 defend = 0. Dahan retaliate, destroying the Explorer.
NE4: 2 Explorers: 2 damage - 6 defend = 0. Dahan retaliate, destroying both Explorers.
NE7: 1 Explorer: 1 damage - 0 defend = 1 damage to Dahan. Dahan retaliate, destroying the Explorer.

Build (Jungles)

No build in NW6 and NE8. Invaders build a Town in all other Jungles.


The top card of the Explore Deck is revealed and it is Mountains. An Explorer is added to each Mountain land.

That takes us to the slow power phase…

The board after the Invader Phase looks like this:

Reminder: next turn the Invaders will Ravage the Jungles and Build in the Mountains.
You need 2 Fear to earn your next Fear Card.

Slow Powers to Resolve

Chewy has 4 Air and 2 Sun available for Gather the Warriors.

Because RogerBW and Lordof1 don't have slow powers to resolve, I'll only include Chewy and COMaestro's remaining cards here, in case you want to reference them when deciding what to do with your slow powers.
Chewy77 Cards and Player Board

You have 1 Energy to carry forward to next turn.


Discard Pile

COMaestro Cards and Player Board

You have 4 Energy to carry forward to next turn, in addition to 3+2+1+1 health of invaders drowned.

Discard Pile


For COMaestro’s information when resolving Tidal Boon, RogerBW has 3 Energy and gains 3/turn while Lordof1 and Chewy have 1 Energy each and gain 2/turn and 1/turn respectively.

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I will target @RogerBW with Tidal Boon, as nearly all of his cards are expensive, and he has a presence in a land with a town. Roger, you can push the town in NW2. I recommend into the ocean. I am hungry, after all.

Ocean Breaks the Shore will drown the town in SW1.

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Sounds like a plan; let’s do it.


Right, let’s see if I don’t get this wrong. I use Voice of Thunder in SE 7, pushing two Dahan south, into the Jungle (I believe is SE8).

I Gather the Warriors with my innate power into SE 4, taking 2 Dahan and 2 presence from the sands of SE 5, and fry the invaders there with Manifestation of Power and Glory, which should give us another fear,

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Slow Power Phase

COMaestro resolves Tidal Boon targeting RogerBW, granting 2 Energy. RogerBW pushes the Town from NW2 into the ocean, drowning it and causing 1 Fear (15/16).
COMaestro resolves Ocean Breaks the Shore targeting SW1, drowning the Town and causing 1 Fear. FEAR CARD EARNED.
Chewy77 resolves Voice of Thunder, targeting SE7 and pushing 2 Dahan into SE8.
Chewy77 resolves Gather the Warriors, targeting SE4 and gathering 2 Dahan and 2 Presence from SE5.
Chewy77 resolves Manifestation of Power and Glory targeting SE4, destroying all Invaders and causing 1 Fear plus 1 additional Fear (2/16).

Time passes and we arrive back at the Spirit Phase…

Board state at the start of turn 5:

Healthy Island: 8 Blight Remaining
Fear: 2/16
Fear Deck: 1/3/3, 1 Card to Resolve

Invader Turn
Ravage: Jungles
Build: Mountains
Explore: Stage II (Sands, Wetlands OR All Coastal Lands)

RogerBW Player Board and Cards

Thanks to COMaestro’s Tidal Boon, you now have 5 Energy carried forward from last turn.

Lordof1 Player Board and Cards

You have 1 Energy carried forward from last turn.

Discard Pile


Chewy77 Player Board and Cards

You have 1 Energy carried forward from last turn.


Discard Pile

COMaestro Player Board and Cards

You have 4 Energy carried forward from last turn and have drowned 1 City, 3 Towns and 2 Explorers.

Discard Pile


@RogerBW @Lordof1 @Chewy77 @COMaestro Time again to pick a growth option and strategise for the coming turn. If you’re gaining a power let me know if you’d like a Minor power or a Major power and if you’re adding Presence let me know which track to take it from.

I think I need more card plays for this turn, so I am going with Growth option 2. Both Presence will come from the card play track. Do 1 in the NE ocean and the other in the NW.

I will be playing Dark and Tangled Woods on SW4 to defend against the Ravage, and also Grasping Tide on NW2, as per the plan with Rocky Balboa.

Lastly, I think I will play Call to Isolation on NE1 to push both the town and the explorer into the ocean. Unless @Lordof1 wants to deal with it himself, in which case I will target elsewhere.

These generate enough aspects for the first level of Pound Ships to Splinters for 1 Fear.

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this is a bit of overkill but…

Gain a minor power card to move one marker from Energy/Turn track to NW2. 5 energy + 4 = 9.

Fast power, Draw of the Fruitful Land [1] into NW2, gathering 1 explorer from NW5, 1 from NW3, 1 Dahan from NW1, 1 from NW4.

I have Defend 3 in NW2 automatically, and @COMaestro gives me Defend 4 for a total of 7, no harm done.

3 Dahan do 6 damage killing one city and 3 explorers.

Slow: Rituals of Destruction [3] doing 2 + 3 damage (there’s only one explorer left, but I couldn’t do this without the Dahan in place) and +2 Fear.

5 energy remains. One spirit gets a 1-cost power card repeat.


Do you mean NE3? There’s no town on 1. I so, then yes please, that would be much appreciated, I can consolodate a bit more this go instead, thank you.

Before I make too many plans, does anyone need any slow powers made fast? I can give one of you 2 fast powers instead of slow.