Spirit Island PbF - Game 1

@COMaestro @RogerBW @Chewy77 @Lordof1 Awaken Spirits, the time has come to drive off these new arrivals who blight the land!
(Captbnut let me know via DM that they would rather sit this one out. Carcinisation avoided… for now.)

I gather from the sign up that you have all played before, but in case they are helpful:
Link to Core Rules
Link to my Abbreviated Rules
and if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them.

The first step of Setup, before anything else happens, is to choose an Adversary and difficulty level.

Because their escalation effect never requires player decisions, I propose the Adversary for this game be Sweden:

Assuming you are all happy with that, I will learn how to make a poll for you to express your preference for difficulty level and take the lowest result…

  • No Adversary
  • Level 0 (Stage II Escalation effect only)
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Level 6
  • I don’t like making decisions, someone else can decide

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Once the results are in I will post the board and seating positions and we’ll proceed to Spirit selection.

I have never played with an adversary before, but am willing to give it a go.

No Adversary is a valid choice! I wasn’t sure how much people have played before so I thought I’d offer it as an option in case people were expecting it.

Happy with anything honestly but I’m not the most experienced so I’ve voted no adversary.

Okay, we’ll go with no adversary for this game.

I have randomly allocated seating positions and starting boards, giving us a map that looks like this:

Next up is to choose a Spirit and a player colour (default colours are red (RogerBW), yellow (Chewy77), blue (COMaestro), lilac (Lordof1) but you can be whatever you please).
Low complexity Spirits have the option of using a fixed power (card) progression instead of drawing randomly. If you’d like to use it, let me know.

Starting top left and proceeding clockwise, first up is @RogerBW, then Lordof1, Chewy77 and COMaestro. Available Spirits are:

Low Complexity

Lightning's Swift Strike (Lordof1)

Vital Strength of the Earth (RogerBW)

River Surges in Sunlight

Shadows Flicker Like Flame

Medium Complexity

A Spread of Rampant Green

Thunderspeaker (Chewy77)

High Complexity

Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares

Ocean's Hungry Grasp (COMaestro)

If you would like to see the full details of each Spirit, they are available on the Spirit Island Wiki.


Let’s try Vital Strength of the Earth, unless someone else would particularly like it. Similarly, happy with red but will take anything.


@Lordof1 to choose Spirit and player colour next (please see post above for descriptions).

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Lightning’s swift strike and lilac please.


@Chewy77 to choose Spirit and player colour from those remaining (see above).

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Thunderspeaker with Yellow if it hasn’t been picked up, please.


That leaves @COMaestro with blue (although the magic of computers means you can have a different colour if you prefer!) and a choice of Spirits from the list a few posts above.

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Blue is perfect.

And screw it, let’s go for high complexity. Ocean, please!


Oooh, exciting. The only Spirit in the base game I haven’t played as yet, I look forward to seeing it in action.

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I have played it once in a two-handed solo game, and it was pretty damn effective! Here’s hoping I get similar power cards (and didn’t screw up the rules during my solo play :sweat_smile: )

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@COMaestro As part of your setup, you get to add a presence to a coastal land of your choice.

Options are: (1) Jungle, 1 Dahan Hut, adjacent to RogerBW’s board; (2) Desert, 1 City; (3) Mountain, 2 Dahan Huts.

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I will do the Jungle (1).


Let me just throw in a note on Ocean: most likely mistake to make with this spirit is to miscalculate where they can reach. The targeting for their powers is very restricted and everything beyond coastal lands is almost unreachable until they draft some additional powers.

Other than that: the back and forth of their presences is great…

Have fun everyone :slight_smile:


A note to all players: Ocean’s Hungry grasp means that the ocean spaces are in play this game. Specifically, if COMaestro has Presence in an Ocean it is treated as Coastal Wetlands for the purposes of Powers and Blight and any player may Gather or Push pieces into those oceans. COMaestro will then drown them, destroying them to get bonus Energy.

The final step of setup is to flip the top card of the explore deck, and it reveals: Mountains.

That gives us a beginning board state of:

Healthy Island: 9 Blight remaining
Fear: 0/16
Fear Deck: 3/3/3, 0 Cards Earned

Invader Turn:
Ravage: (none)
Build: Mountains
Explore: Stage I (Jungle, Sands or Wetlands)

RogerBW Player Board and Cards

Lordof1 Player Board and Cards

Chewy77 Player Board and Cards

COMaestro Player Board and Cards

Player boards are open information, hidden here only to save space. Cards in hand are technically hidden, but this is a co-op game so I’m not going to hide them any more than I have unless requested.

@RogerBW @Lordof1 @Chewy77 @COMaestro All Spirits now choose one of the Growth options from the top of their player board, carrying out the steps in any order.
If you are adding Presence, please state which track you are taking it from (Energy or Card Plays) and which land you would like to add it to.
If you are gaining a power, please specify if you want Major or Minor and I will DM you the choices.

Feedback or requests for how information is displayed or arranged is welcome!

Vital Strength

Growth option #3: add 1 presence at range 1, gain 2 energy.
Take that presence off the lower track and put it in land #4.

Ocean's Hungry Grasp

Growth option 3.
One presence from the Energy track to my ocean.
One presence from the card play track to RogerBW’s ocean.
Gain 1 energy.