Roads & Boats, this time it's personal

Donkey 5-2 move to 6-2 unloads. Loads 1 stone and returns to 5-2 and loads one plank

Donkey 7-2 moves to 6-2 and loads one iron ore

Raft 6-3 docks at 6-2/6-3

Donkey 6-2 unloads and moves to 7-2

Raft 8-3 docks at 6-2/7-3

Raft at 4-4 moves to 2-4, takes 2 stone and docks at 2-4/3-4

Steamer docks at 4-7/5-8 and collects clay.

@pillbox to move (and @RossM , I seriously screwed up letting you have that clay! So easily avoided…)

(Sorry about the wait!)

Donkey @ 6-7 moves to 5-7
Raft @ 7-7/8-7 collects another stone and undocks to 7-7 and docks at 7-7/6-7
Both Donkeys @ 9-6 carry 2 boards each to 8-6
One of the donkeys @ 8-6 moves to 9-7, picks up the trunk and moves to 9-6

End of movement

After my build

Everyone to build and wonder @RossM @pillbox


2 boards to a brick for me


No build


No Wonder

Build walls





No wonder


Forgot to take an image of this, but 2 boards to 1 brick for me

Production turn 20 after mine:

(researched new shafts)

@RossM and @pillbox for production


Donkey @ 9-6 converts trunks to boards

7-2 Load stone

6-2 Build steamer, load with all the planks it can hold. (6, I think I have 6 available)

End of production

I moved 1 set of boards from a raft to your steamship @RossM so it is actually carrying 7.

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After my movement

@RossM to move

Ok. After finding I’ve been getting a rule wrong…

Steamer 6-2 moves to 2-4
Steamer 4-7 docks at 6-6/5-7

Donkey 5-2 moves to 7-2 and loads stone

Donkey 7-2 moves to 6-2, collects log, moves to 5-2

Donkey 6-2 moves to 6-1 collects 1 log and moves to 5-3

Empty raft at 6-2 moves to 6-3, collects fuel and then docks 7-3/8-3 and collects log

Raft at 3-4 undocks and moves to 2-4

Other Empty raft at 6-2 docks 5-2/5-3

@pillbox to move

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Raft @ 7-7/8-6 will take 2 planks from one of the donkeys, undock to 7-7, move to 6-6, then dock at 5-7/6-6
Raft @ 6-7/7-7 will undock to 7-7, move to 6-6, then dock at 5-7/6-6
Donkey @ 9-6 will move to 9-7, pick up trunk and move to 9-6
Empty donkey @ 8-6 will move to 8-7, pick up stone and move back to 8-6

Build and Wonder from all


1 wonder brick for me

Although things are getting interesting between @RossM and myself, I feel like I should check whether we should call the game for @pillbox 's sake.

I do feel like I’m dragging down an otherwise interesting game between you two. I’m okay calling it here.

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Just as my Pirate fleets were spinning into action.

For the record I think I’m currently in dead last place.

Always happy to call it, but I’d like to ask some questions afterwards if that’s ok?

Now seems like a reasonable time for questions!

What were people’s initial strategies?

I didn’t have a firm plan. My general idea was to build a basic infrastructure in my starting area, expand to the north to get a mine going. Eventually I would get a mint built and just start hoarding coins on my transporters. I sat on my research geese (don’t do that, geese have feelings!) because I wasn’t sure whether I would need specialized or big mines (depending on the timing of things). And then if I managed to accomplish all of that, the rest of my effort and resources would be put into cheekily stealing any unprotected gold that you two had laying around.

In reality, as always, it’s hard for me to concentrate on details in computerized-board-gaming and async does something to my brain that makes it very difficult for me to keep a consistent plan of action progressing.