Roads & Boats, this time it's personal

Cross-posted: your choice there is no longer important, you need to choose whether or not to stop praying for the movement conflict. (and do production)

I remain praying

Ok, so both of you still to produce, and the order for movement is @RossM , then pillbox, then myself.


Trunks → Boards @ 9-6


6 planks at 5-2 loading the donkey and raft to capacity with planks.

7-2 load stone

6-3 load fuel

Research Steamer factory

Upgrade raft factory to steamer factory for free

Build steamer, docked at 6/2 , 6/3

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Didn’t see that coming, nice!

But still you up, @RossM

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Yep. Would have been a lot earlier if not for market forces getting in the way.

Load one stone onto steamer move to dock at 2-5 load one stone

Raft 6-2 loads two planks and moves into 6-3 collects one fuel, moves to 7-3 and docks at 8-3

Raft 5-2 unloads all and moves, to 4-4

Raft at 6-3 stays put

Donkey 7-2 move to 6-2 unloads and returns to 7-2

Donkey 5-2 moves to 6-2 and unloads returns to 5-2 and loads up with planks

Donkey 6-2 moves to 5-2 loads Planks, and returns to 6-2

@pillbox to move


Donkey on raft @ 7-7/6-7 moves to 6-7
Rafts at 7-7/6-7 move to 7-7; one docks at 7-7/8-6 and picks up boards, the other at 7-7/8-7 and collects 2 stone
empty Donkey at 9-6 moves to 9-7, picks up trunks and moves to 9-6

End of movement

Looks like I have to call conflict in building. I think it’s safe to assume only I stop praying, and I take 1st. @RossM take 2nd or 3rd?

Build and wonder

Wall on 2-4/2-5
Stone factory on 5-7

Yep not stopping praying so 2nd?

Well, it’s not that you continuing to pray means you become 2nd, it’s that pillbox continuing to pray means the temple order is going to be ben < RossM < pillbox regardless of your praying decision. As farthest from the temple, I choose first, then you do. I chose 1st place, you can choose 2nd or 3rd.

Sorry to belabour the point, but that “?” didn’t read like a choice. Anyway, feel free to read my build orders, you already know I can’t contribute to the wonder, and post your own, @RossM @pillbox .

Weird. Must have been autocomplete.

Confirmed second



No build


No wonder

Build wood cutter 8-3

No wonder

End of turn

After my production

@RossM and @pillbox for production


Trunks @ 9-6 become boards

EDIT: Iron moved onto raft at 6-4/7-5


Load log at 8-3
Load fuel at 6-3
Load stone at 7-2

@RossM to move