Roads & Boats, this time it's personal

I think I made a mistake in selecting “the valley” for the last forum game - a scenario where everyone can just do their own thing in a corner might be a good way to learn the basics, but it totally fails to show where R&B shines.

R&B is much more than just an optimization puzzle. Marauding donkeys and the tension between optimization, defence, and offence are what it is all about.

Of course, this is just my opinion, and if it turns out people want another friendly game with the training wheels on, that would also be fine.

So, who is up for it, and what kind of experience are you after? R&B caters for all.


I don’t have the head space to play this again, but can recommend it.

It’s unusual and a lot but definitely interesting

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With the caveat that the upcoming holidays make life very hectic, I am interested!

I enjoy both roads and boats sign me up

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Happy to be handicapped if needed. What are your thoughts @Benkyo

Probably have to hold off on choices until we know how many people are playing.

The valley is the one we did last time, and people just stayed in their corners without interacting - fine for learning the rules, but not very exciting.

Rowing, l like. Played a half-game once, am playing it now async. A bit of cooperation on the cramped starts, and competition on the centre mass.

The handicap principle is a bit odd, not sure how that would play out, or how weighted the handicapping is in practice.

Four sailors looks interesting, never played it. I think the length estimate is irrelevant - all forum games will run long, especially with conflict.


I’ll be watching, as I’m terrible at R&B async. Keen to see if there’s more “coopetition” with more shared infrastructure.


Happy with Rowing!

We only have 2 players at the moment =)

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I’m beginning to think that anyone who might be interested has already seen the thread and decided not to join.

So, how about 2-player? Or I could join for 3? The player interaction seems fragile at 3 - it seems self-defeating to go to war with both other players, especially if they decide to cooperate as a result.


Happy with 2 or 3. But I don’t have the scenarios since splitter removed them.

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(The little symbols beneath the maps on that last image indicate which of the modules selected from bombs, airplanes, railways, cities, managers, electricity, extra research, and polders are included)

There’s also the option to build a map.


Happy to do

Any of the two players
Any of the 3 with a preference for geese a swimming
Less excited by the additional rules. I will have to read up.

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Oh, there are actually a bunch more from the old website that I forgot about that I have compiled in the module, but we probably already have a big enough selection to get started.


The pacific
Dead sea

Great Lakes

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Nice. Still think the goose one is the most interesting.

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@pillbox any preference?

Geese it is.

OK, I guess I can join in. Any colour preferences?

Yellow or blue please

OK, yellow for you, and @RossM is red, iirc.