Roads & Boats, this time it's personal

I think mine was fairly obvious: get a bunch of rafts asap and use them to put pressure on you two while using most of my initial stone to lay claim to more land. I didn’t have your smart geese accumulation strategy worked out, so securing a breeding spot was a high priority. Opportunistic theft of geese worked out well. You can see my “minting triangle” in the north, and that was always planned.

Mine was based on the fact you could get to any land hex on shore with a steamer. Just about to start knocking down walls from the ocean side and grabbing the contents of mines.

What was the blue donkey over by me up to?

Was going to use the woodcutter up north to start tearing down your walls to disrupt your production and gain access to the steamship factory. Probably not worth the effort, especially since I realized I could easily spare the resources to upgrade my own raft factory.

The easy and abundant access to wood in the mid-late game makes this map significantly different to the last water-heavy map I played, and I think I failed to recognise the significance of that.

The potential for pre-emptive building was also really interesting - just a few resources to lock down the use of a hex for the rest of the game on such a mobile map really opened up some interesting plays.

Yep. I was never going to win the stone war, so put lots of effort into woodcutters so I could tear down the walls

Overall take aways.

  1. I’m terrible at being the bad guy in games.
  2. I think it’s best to set a short term goal early game.
  3. Reading the scenario book for &etc none of the expansion rules appeal to me.
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What’s not to like about the expansion content? I mean, I haven’t actually tried any of them, but there’s a wealth of content there to explore, and I don’t really see a downside. (Aside from allowing 5 or 6 players, which just seems silly.)

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It’s the fact it’s a lot more fiddly (floodplains, planes) or adds caveats. (Bomb factories) to the game. The power stuff is vaguely interesting, but I like the fact that in the base game you know roughly how much of each resource could be available.

Definitely expansion content for people (overly) familiar with the base game, nothing there you can just throw in without much thought.

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Yep. Exactly