[PbP] - Brass Lancashire: Discussion

I’d be up for a real time TTS game

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“With friends” is the tricky part, unless you are volunteering? =)

(Oh, also, can’t do realtime)


I have Brass on my 10 X 10, so I’m definitely volunteering :slight_smile:

I’ve just registered on Order of the Hammer as Whistle_pig


I noticed, just after me on the BGG thread =)

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Snap. Although what time is it in Japan when it’s 8pm in the UK?

+9, or +8 if BST.

Sides order of the hammer allow non real-time play?

There has to be a better term than non real time.

BGA calls it “turn-based” for what that’s worth.

The maximum turn time appears to be 40 days.

Async is how I’ve always referred to it.


I’m trying to register on Order of the Hammer, but it is having problems sending a validation email, I’ve definitely typed it in correctly and tried an alternative. Did anyone else have a problem?

Same issue here.

As the site says, email validation hasn’t been working for years. Follow the link provided to a BGG thread and ask there to be validated.


Cheers, I wasn’t seeing that message but registered now

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Substitute Liverpool for Birkenhead, and this is fine.

Depends what cards you used though - we need to know that.

I had cards for both Birkenhead and Liverpool… But it might be better just to build a port in Birkenhead…(and the canal from Ellesmere Port)

There is no space for a port in Birkenhead, and a canal can use any card.

If you look at the map, there’s actually no way to build anything in Birkenhead in the canal phase, because a shipyard is the only option, and there’s no way to get coal to Birkenhead by canal/port.

Birkenhead is essentially inaccessible during the canal era. The shipyard requires coal to build, and there is no way to link to a coal supply.

Edit: @Benkyo got there literally seconds before me!

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Yes, sorry, I had not magnified the image, from the distance I thought the canal was going to Birkenhead

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