[PbP] - Brass Lancashire: Discussion

No, I’m ok as well thanks


6 Bob and the card.

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Top tip for round two onwards: loans are your friend :slight_smile:

Are the player board pictures useful, or would you prefer them in table format (or both)?

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Your doing a lot of the heavy lifting here so happy to do whatever is easiest.

The pictures are fine, but I noticed that, for example, the x3 tier 1 cotton on my board hadn’t changed.

@Captbnut I’m pretty sure you are forced to use the coal in Manchester if you do that.

That’s why I put it there, aren’t I helpful?


I may be wrong (probably am), but I think I can use my own first as it is on my network.

Nope, you’re right


Cooperation, ain’t it great?

I think you also get 6 quid and immediately flip your ironworks.

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I think it has to be connected to the market for that to happen?

Pretty sure that’s not the case for iron, because iron is connected everywhere, all the time.

Iron Works, regardless
of whether or not it is
connected to the market
trade icon;
you must do the
1 Immediately move as many cubes
as possible from the Industry tile
to available spaces in its associated
Market (filling the most expensive
spaces first).
2 For each cube moved, collect the
corresponding amount of money
displayed on the coin to the left
side of its Market space P .
3 If the last cube is moved from
your Industry tile to its Market, flip
the Industry tile Q and advance
your Income Marker along the
Progress Track by the number of
spaces shown in the bottom right
corner of the tile.

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Correct - coal must be taken from the nearest (fewest link tiles) coal mine. Iron can be taken from any unflipped iron works.

Iron is transported by road, so you don’t have to be connected to the rail/canal network to use/buy/sell it.

@Captbnut gains £6 selling iron to the market, and increases his income by three steps (to £2) - that iron works has paid for itself!

Aha, for the first time we see the full income track. Unintuitive!

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I guess the “income levels” are the different shades on the income track? So, for example, if I took a 30 quid loan, then flipped an ironworks, I’d end up at 0, but if I flipped an ironworks, then took a loan, I’d end up at -1 income?

That’s correct. Definitely worth factoring in to your action order decisions.

Cool. I think

Question - in Brass Birmingham ‘flipped’ tiles have links on them which score when your canals/ railways are connected to them. Is it the same in Lancashire? It’s not obvious from the iconography.

Yes. All of the tiles have one link point on them when they are flipped.


I have this game in my head now, and I want to see how it develops. I’m not sure I can wait ~120 days to find out! I mean, obviously I can, but I’m going to have to find a way to play a faster game of Brass with friends in the meantime.

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There is the app too.