[PbP] - Brass Lancashire: Discussion

Selling in Lancashire is just a simple action. You just need some cotton to sell (there are no manufactured goods) and access to either a port or the distant market. The port can be yours or someone else’s.

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I’ll set up the game today or tomorrow. What colour would people like to play? @Captbnut has bagsed pink.

@Benkyo, @Chewy77, @GeeBizzle

Red for me.

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Yellow and green remaining.

Yellow for me then.

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All valid questions - I was bound to have forgotten something!

  • The markets are Yorkshire, the Midlands, Scotland, and any port tiles that have been placed on the board.
  • You draw cards to replace the ones you’ve played
  • Your starting money is £30
  • Please post turns directly in the game thread, but if you have a question you can PM me or post in the discussion thread.

Welcome to Brass AKA “I’m sorry, you can’t do that: the board game”

A link tile has to connect to a location that is part of your network - so you can’t place a canal as your first action.


Building If You Have No Tiles on the Board
If you have no Industry or Link tiles on the board, you may also (as an action) discard an Industry card to build the matching Industry tile in any location with an undeveloped space displaying that industry’s icon.

That should give you a few more options!

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Bollocks. I’ll get back to you!

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Having finally had a good think about my hand, and having drawn yet another useless card, and re-looked at which parts of the board only have rail connections, I have realised that I can’t do anything I wanted to do.

Do you want to replay your turn?

Nah, it’s fine. Just have to hope I draw into something less useless.

Always have the wild card action. Unless that’s only a Birmingham thing?

You can use both of your actions at once to treat two cards as any location card for the purposes of building, but not in the first turn (because you only have one action).

In the first turn, you can develop, take a loan, do one of the standard building actions, or discard an Industry card to build the matching Industry tile in any location with an undeveloped space displaying that industry’s icon (because you have no tiles on the board).

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How many cards are in the deck? Or, in other words, how many more cards will I draw this phase?

You’ll draw 6 more cards before the end of the canal era.


Seems like there are two differences between the original and Roxley’s edition: level 1 cotton 3 VPs or 5 VPs, and the industry card link between Liverpool and Birkenhead.

Are we using the original rules, as the components depict, or the Roxley rules?

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I was intending to use the Roxley rules, although I hadn’t clocked the points difference in the tier 1 cotton mills. I can edit the images to make the points clear, and to remove the “virtual link” between Liverpool and Birkenhead.

Does that affect what you would have done on your turn?

Nope, just wanted to be clear. The VP change will affect GeeBizzle, after all.

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Good point. @GeeBizzle and @Captbnut, does that change what you would have done on your respective turns? Easy enough to undo things on the first turn :laughing:

Nah all good for me. I have no idea what I’m doing.