PBF Roads & Boats "The Valley" 4-player

It’s @pillbox @lalunaverde @Captbnut and @RossM in a logistics war to become the richest rich person in the valley.

While I’m not at home, there’ll be no fancy image editing to remove offboard hex coordinates, or buildings that aren’t in the game. Just note that you can safely ignore everything after the steamer factory in the column of things to build.

I’ll be on hand to answer questions and correct mistakes over in the companion thread here.

Initially, assuming you all choose a corner each, all moves can be simultaneous, and a full turn from production to wonder can pretty much be submitted in one post. You might find your wonder brick placement contingent on whether or not other players place brick(s), so feel free to say so.

Conflict wasn’t a part of the puzzle, but will be here. If you plan to do anything where player order matters, please say so in advance. If no-one calls conflict (in advance), we won’t change the player order. Not sure how much back and forth conflict will cause, so we’ll just have to see how it goes - conflict can happen four times a turn, and would be over in seconds each time at the table, but could take days each time in PBF.

Player aid:


How do we pick starting locations, or should I say, in what order do we pick?

OK, here’s the starting lineup.

It’s @captbnut to choose start location first.

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7-7 for my home please.

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@RossM next.

Please always @ the next player when you post, according to the player sequence (the circles at the base of the Wonder).

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2-5 south




Turn 1

I took the liberty of assuming lalunaverde meant West of the river.

OK, turn order should be irrelevant for now, please post your full turn when you can. @lalunaverde @pillbox @Captbnut @RossM

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  • Dunk: move to 3-3 with 1 wood
  • Key: move to 4-2 with 2 wood


  • build a woodcutter with 1 wood in 3-3
  • build a quarry with 2 wood in 4-2
  • build a sawmill with 1 stone and 2 wood in 4-3
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Broad takes 1 wood to 8-7
Anderson takes 2 wood to 6-6

Build woodcutter in 8-7 with 1 wood
Build quarry in 6-6 with 2 wood
Build a sawmill at home (7-7) with 2 wood and 1 stone

@lalunaverde I’m not just copying you! I’m copying what we did in the solo play :wink: :joy:


Hey @lalunaverde. We’re not there yet, but what do you think about a clay pit on the stone tile just south of your starting hex?

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Build a quarry at 7-4

Move two donkeys to the pasture at 7-5



  • Cheddar carries 2 boards to 2-6
  • Feta carries 1 board to 3-5


  • Brie builds Sawmill at 2-5
  • Feta builds Woodcutter at 3-5

Turn 2, after production

Movement, Building, Wonder @lalunaverde @pillbox @RossM @Captbnut

I’m assuming it’s still okay to post out of turn?

Wonder: Pass

Donkey 3 moves to 8-3 with 1 board and builds a woodcutter.

Donkey 1 moves to 7-4 collects stone.
Builds road between 7-4 and 7-5.
Build Road between 7-4 and 8-3

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Turn 2


  • Cheddar carries 2 boards to 3-7
  • Feta carries 1 log to 2-5 (with intent to be processed during production)
  • Brie moves to 3-5


  • Cheddar builds Quarry on 3-7
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Anderson carries stone to 7-7
Builds road 7-7 to 8-7

Broad carries logs to 7-7 (with intent to use for production)

  • Question - Broad moved along a road, can he move again?

That’s me done