Our 2023 Board Game Predictions!


In this new paradigm in Shut Up & Sit Down Podcasting history, Tom and Quinns are chatting about what they think the board game industry holds for us all… in 2023! Expect a series of 5 completely uninformed opinions laced with ‘reckons’ and ‘guesses’ - all with a competitive twist. We're hoping to circle back on this episode in 2024 and be overjoyed by quite how wrong we are.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


I’m predicting Love Letter: Twilight Imperium


Quinns’ predictions
1.) I made a post of something similar like that somewhere. Not sure if from the old forums or here. Retail will cater towards on the lighter side for hobbyist and family games for everyone. KS will get more bombastic and caters towards whales.

Tom’s predictions
1.) THAT is good. Excellent prediction.
3.) Hmmm… there’s talk about this. Not impossible. If they don’t shelve it, it could defo be announced for a KS this year and the KS will be either this year or next year.


WIthout having listened, I predict:

  • at least a dozen Knizia games, 3 with dice, 1 tile layer, 1 big cooperative game nobody understands, an auction game and various art themed card games.
  • 1 more pastoral Uwe Rosenberg worker placement game and 1 tile laying game without polyominoes and one with. At least one Bohnanza expansion or reprint
  • Another T-game (Tiletum was the most recent one?)
  • A remake of a classic Knizia that cannot be sold in Germany due to rights issues
  • another iteration on story-driven campaign games with even less actual gameplay
  • more Roll&Writes … I think we‘re missing a Dune themed one. So that.
  • Queen Games will do another horrible Kickstarter with over-priced games you‘ll find in their bargain bin at SPIEL in 2 years.
  • Awaken Realms will remake an old game with some kind of table hogging Gizmo.
  • CMon will produce a game with more Minis than ever before
  • more climate change themed games (we‘ve had those but I think more are coming)
  • a Bridgerton re-theme of Obsession (please not)
  • all games now come with a David Turczi solo-mode.
  • a game with a box even bigger than Frosthaven
  • core-box games that need an expansion to be playable.
  • every game now introduces its rules with a 5 episode campaign and special expert rules to play the actual full game
  • more „ultimate“ editions :slight_smile: and big box editions with all the expansions that include some content you cannot get anywhere else…

With lots of plastic minis, high-gloss non-recyclable cards, etc. :slight_smile:


Single-use plastic consumable components, please.


Quick summing up for checking next year.


  1. Increased gap between crowdfunded games and retail games. (+15% / -10% but that’s not really measurable.)
  2. No official videogame adaptation published in 2023 is any good. (No SU&SD recommends?)
  3. SU&SD will rave about a VR game.
  4. First 1-player-only game in BGG top 100.
  5. Quinns will video review an RPG
  6. Dominoes!


  1. Z-Man announces/publishes a Pandemic Marvel.
  2. Pandemonium Institute announces a new BotC set, rules finished* and playable by 31 October.
  3. Major revamp/rerelease of Tigris & Euphrates.
  4. Two games from 2023 will have entered the BGG top 10.
  5. Great Western Trail NZ prominently includes sheep-shearing. :heavy_check_mark:
  6. A game will be shipped that’s 60lb/27kg+.

* PI swore BotC was rules-finished during the kickstarter, and did 2-3 total rewrites after that, but never mind.


Hernia: the Board Game


Has a stretch goal to have a Physiotherapist included


Never thought about buying a game that would require a subscription for physiotherapist food to be delivered regularly.

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My prediction is that bombastic Deluxified™ editions of Euros both recent and old will continue and will grow now that Castles of Burgundy (and Kingdom Builder and Everdell and so on) set the precedence. This sort of production treatment will not gonna be restricted for TOAMs


Basic edition, including all stretch goals

Enhanced edition, including all stretch goals and a forklift truck rated to carry all game boxes at once.

Add-on: 1 week forklift truck driving course.

but not like this one

German, English subtitles, arterial spray
Forkliftdriver Klaus - YouTube


In an ideal world, it would be based off Fall of Rome and would have an interesting/thematic line-up of Marvel characters.

More likely is that it’s barely different from normal pandemic and uses the obvious MCU characters.

I think the big one i can see happening is ticket to ride ultimate with metal trains and all maps with some special holders that make it easy to shift between 45/40 train for counting the number of trains.

I feel like Tom shouldn’t have made a bet after Quinns had chosen such weird ones.

There’s the last two pandemics - Warcraft and Star Wars - which feel ripe for that adventure feel with characters

It’s nice having a new pandemic every year but they’ve been less wild in terms of style since the second dice one.


I’m not making it a formal prediction because I’m a wimp, but I think we will see at least one really huge crowdfunding failure, as in it it comes from a big name and it doesn’t fund (or the company withdraws it because it’s clearly not going to fund). I don’t think there are enough whales to buy all the huge games.


Seen this video before. Best forklift safety video ever! :smiley:

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That video with Klaus is a legend here in Germany :slight_smile: Also really old.

The way they did it with the voiceover is partly a parody of an amazing and very well known children show called “The show with the mouse”.


I’m confident on this one.


I’m all for that, a mini-game that will later on be published as a game of its own right…


(Or the company withdraws it because even though it is funding, it is not making the several million dollar mark they expected)