Oath PBF - My Kingdom for a Horse

I’ll Search the deck and pay 3 supply

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Chancellor searches, and only draws two cards - the second being a vision.

Search result sent. 2 supply left.

Play warning signal to my advisers

Pay 1 supply to place a favour on forest paths and muster two warbands to my board.


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@lordof1 is up.

Okay, I’ll start by searching the discard in my area, 2 supply I think (the Provinces).

Edit: correction, I’ll start by putting 2 favour on the People’s Favour card in my wake phase, then I‘ll search (can I put two on? Or am I limited to one per turn? If so obviously I’ll just put one on).

Play spirit snare to my site. Use it.
Move to the Hinterlands Rocky Coast. Search discard again.

Search result sent.

Face down adviser played, vision and denizen go to the cradle discard.

There are now:
7 cards in Cradle, 2nd one is a vision
2 card in Provinces
10 cards in Hinterland, 3rd one is a vision

@Lordof1 is still up.

Hmm, run out of supply. Sigh. Not great but I’m learning! End of turn

@COMaestro is up. Don’t forget your Wake step.

Okay, at the end of my Wake phase, I will take the Secret from my site.

I will Travel for 2 Supply to the Wastes and then peek at the Relic there.

Search the discards here for 2 Supply.

Played, trade with Old Oak, search again.

Blue searched again, has a face-down adviser, there are two more cards in the cradle discard, Naysayers cause the Chancellor to lose one favor to Blue, and @GeeBizzle is up.

To recap on the discard:
11 at the cradle, 4th and 6th are visions.
2 at the provinces.
4 at the hinterland.

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I’ll search the discard please for 2 supply.

Yellow plays a card to advisers, not sure if face down or up yet so I left it face down, uses Taming Charm to discard The Old Oak and gain 2 favor, and searches to draw the single last card in the Hinterland discard.

Cards from both searches revealed as advisers:

Favor paid to Sleight of Hand to steal a secret from Blue.
Secret paid to Spirit Snare to gain a favor from Hearth.
Favor paid to Tents to move to Rocky Coast.
1 Supply to Muster on Elders, paying 1 Favor.
1 Warband moved to Rocky Coast.
2 Supply to travel to Mountains.
1 Warband moved to Mountains.


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Round 3, @Whistle_Pig is up.

Boooooo. That’s mine!


Spend 4 supply to search the deck

Spend 2 supply to search the cradle