LEGO Stuff! With LEGOs!

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Sorry, had to switch the video. It’ll be live in about… 2 minutes? I’ll post here again. Sorry!

EDIT: Live again! Thanks for your patience. I hope you enjoy!


Not actually Lego, but some rip off Mitre 10 had on sale and the little one decided to have me build for her last weekend. The swiveling is very satisfying for how smoot it goes.

Those tracks took me a while to adjust once lined up, but they feel very satisfying


I love the bonnet/engine access touch


I just picked up a new 3-in-1 for $12.

I built one of the three layouts (the only one I like…):

It’s a neat little spaceship with VTOL wings… but the whole reason I actually got the set was this little guy…

Lookit them! They have a transparent head!

I realized that I kinda want to do some space movies along with my pirates and knights (not the same story, mind). But I don’t have many space people that aren’t owned by the House of Mouse… So I bought one that isn’t! Go little robot/android!


My daughter turned 3 last week, and even though she’s been playing nicely with daddy’s sets for the better part of a year or more, she only recently demonstrated real interest in them as a building toy.

So we got her the 90th anniversary [Classic] set and I’m proud to say the bulk of the image below was all done by her. Dad had to provide a little muscle and some direction but that’s it!


There is a tropical storm in my area, which so far has just meant a lot rain and a little wind. Still, a lot of rain means a good weekend to stay in and play with Lego. Right now, working on this mosaic of my dog that my husband’s brother and sister-in-law gave us a gift ages ago.


All done.

I think the tongue is a little weird. My husband might see what he can do with the colors left. He’s the artist, not me.


Board game night on Lego ideas


Older kiddo’s birthday was yesterday. His main gift was this:

LEGO Mario characters present for scale. The manual to put it together is over 300 pages! It’s got a lever that makes his mouth open and a bar through his middle that you can push on either side to move his head back and forth. Really cool kit.

It took all day, my fingers are raw, but he loved it and played with it most of the evening, and even wanted to take it to bed with him. Worth it!


I have heard tales of “brittle brown” but never experienced it. I’m currently (re)building all my Winter Village / Christmas sets for a tree display and several small pieces from the older sets are cracking and breaking. All brown. Most disappointing. I’ll have to contact Lego about possible replacements once I finish and know the final total.


I don’t think anyone was meant to build this many Lego sets in about two weeks and at some points my fingers ached from pushing bricks together, but my tree display is (almost*) done and I love it so much!!

*there are still a few small things like park benches, lamp posts, and people to arrange but I’ve been at it for hours tonight and I’m tired.

Top layer: trees. They are tall and easy to see even for short little me.

Layer 2: The North Pole

Layer 3: town center shopping

Layer 4: neighborhood having a little festival

Bottom layer: civic buildings and train/trolley


“Somebody” in my house just bought $350 worth of LEGO (which I can’t afford, but oh well) so I could get two free sets with the Customer Appreciation day stuff today.

“Somebody” is going to have a great time in a few weeks (when I am not running around in circles from work and life).


Update on the broken pieces:

I ended up with 55 total pieces that broke, the vast majority 1x2 or 1x1 plates. My request through the system for missing/broken pieces was automatically denied for too many parts requested. I emailed and got a reply of basically we will replace everything if they’re brown but can you send images of the broken pieces and some more information. I sent an image of an even bigger pile of broken pieces than the one above and said most were brown but some dark red. I just got a reply back that the parts should arrive in 7-10 days.


Is what happens to the brown pieces understood (by people who don’t work for lego)?


The information I’ve seen online is there was something in the brown coloring that over time made the plastic more brittle. Whatever it is was also in dark red in lesser quantity so they can also have problems but less often. Sometime around 2016 or so Lego changed the dye used so it should not be a problem for newer pieces. Exactly what chemical or whatever it was that caused it, I’ve no clue.


Super fun, quick little build: Magic Maze

I suck at actually doing the maze.


Bought a bunch of big LEGO sets (Specifically Eldorado and the Viking Village), and received a nice free set along with those!

Also, if anyone wants to know what 50+ index cards of story board for my upcoming stop motion film looks like before I have started shooting…


Okay, so I’m assembling sets in order to start shooting (the video is broken up into three main locations: Tournament Field, Archery Field, and Market). This will require me to assemble a bunch of stalls for merchants, some bleachers/stands for the audience plus a viewing box for the Duchess and Count, and obviously some assorted other stuff.

I’ve got rudimentary bleachers assembled and 3 little stalls, but for everything else… I think I’m gonna need to organize my LEGO. I currently have about 20 ziplock bags of different sized pieces, but that’s a suboptimal way to find specific things…

I’ll have to see if I can get something like a screw-sorting-drawer thing. My collection isn’t huge, but I have a lot of stuff I need to disassemble in order to be able to easily find the stuff I want to use in order to build sets…

I dunno. Maybe I’ll just muddle through this movie and then organize for the next? I’ll think about it.

Anyone have suggestions on good sorting solutions for a reasonably large LEGO collection of pieces?

I’ve been storing my legos by set in small plastic bins, but I am also finding that suboptimal for finding pieces when needed. I’ve started sorting the non-set pieces (extras, a couple random buckets of bricks, etc.) in the screw organizer kind of things for small pieces and small plastic bins for larger pieces and even that much has been a daunting task. I keep debating organizing everything by parts, but it would take me months.

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I find I can get used to most linguistic quirks and differences without too much difficulty.

But for some reason ‘lego’ with an ‘s’ on the end is something that has always jarred, and continues to jar. I wonder why? Maybe because lego is something that has been in my life for as long as I can remember?

Whatever the reason, the title of this thread just seems plain wrong to me, however hard I try not to let it! Anyone else (presumably English people?) find this?