LEGO Stuff! With LEGOs!

So about 2 year ago I built some spaceships for a game (Mobile Frame Zero: Intercept Orbit) that I still haven’t played. But I do love LEGO, and in a moment of weakness I decided to buy a lovely pirate ship…

This is a Creator set, which means it can actually make 3 different things… the next on the plan is the Skull Island version of this kit, and then after that my partner and I will build the Tavern build.

… and then I am thinking about trying my hand at some stop-motion animation for this pirate set (with bonus appearances by other LEGO stuff I have). I’ve already modified the set a little by adding a few non-yellow/white minifigs, but I am curious to see if this is something I enjoy doing or not.

I mean, I love LEGO. I love writing. Maybe combining the two will be neat.

Anyway! I know there were some other Brickheads out there a while back, not sure if anyone has made anything cool recently, but figured rather than resurrecting the old thread, I thought I would start a neat new one. At the very least we can track my “progress” if I manage to make any!


If we played in person, I’d be tempted to buy that for a ship battle in WFRP…


My folks still have mine from almost thirty years ago!

I now have a desire to grab it next time I see them.


Aww, that’s such a neat looking set! I’m jealous!

I just bought a bunch (17?) of pirate-and-pirate-adjacent minifigs from a seller out in Calgary. But I would love to have another ship… or a tavern or something.

But money is tight these days, so it’ll have to wait. Whee.

Still! If you do pick it up, please show us the results! I would love to see it!


I definitely didn’t swallow a cannonball as a child.


I got my birthday present at Father’s Day this year, as my partner was really sick and couldn’t put anything together for me [EDIT: Yuk yuk]. Heck of a consolation prize—I figured I might get a hot meal or something!


I would love that, just not enough to pay the $170ish it costs.


If you don’t already know it then I suggest having a look at this Twitter account. The guy has been putting together working Lego computer displays to replace the printed or stickered bricks normally used in sets:


Built “Type 2” of the LEGO Pirate Creator set I got (the “Skull Island” set).

Only used about half the bricks, but that’s okay! Means less to disassemble for next time.

I love the little rowboat, though.

Anyways! Tavern next… and I think I’m going to leave it on the Tavern for the first stopmotion nonsense I attempt. Because… reasons?


I have / had the same one :slight_smile:

I spent all my money on Lego as a kid and so I had all items from the pirate set.

They had a lot of things with British and French (?) soldiers as the pirates’ opponents. Like these ones.



Jealous! I love the old sets… yeah, the new sets look better, but there is a nostalgia for the old sets that I don’t think I’ll ever lose.

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I definitely remember having that island piece (or something similar to it with a cellar in the middle) even if I don’t remember having the set.


My lifestyle does not exactly match but, for whatever reason, I bought myself an “action” camera. I dug into my old Lego to build a dolly for it but I only had small wheels. It worked but I guessed it would be less bumpy with larger wheels. So I found a set of Lego train tracks on sale and ordered some sets of wheels for it. If I just use the straight track I have more than a meter to work with. I have not yet come up with a simple idea for sawhorses if I want the track above the ground or a table.
The next thing I want to try is a zip line. I used to make cable cars out of Lego a lot as a kid. Here again an issue is the placement of the ends line. Also if the line is too steep can I do something about frame rate to compensate?


The latest big Lego thing here was last year’s Christmas House:


Of the pirates sets we (and by “we” I mean “my older brothers”, and by extension me… eventually) had, I think these were the big ones:


I seem to recall that the hull of the boat was suitable for making a sea-worthy, or at least bath-worthy, vessel.



I still have my pirate island. The sharks were awesome.


Build 3 from the Creator “3-in-1” set is now complete! I think it is legit my favourite… just a tonne of detail in it!

I think I can work with this. I’m going to have to build out a secondary “set” for the interior of the tavern/inn, but again, that’s a future-me problem.

Now to see if I can come up with a simple little test-storyboard. And to wait for the 10 additional pirates I ordered to show up so I can figure out who gets to be the hero/villains!


… in unrelated news, I think I’ll be buying the Creator castle next. Because this was a lot of fun.


Yeah, my Lego ships (the big, more expensive ones) were all swimming in a bath tub at some point :slight_smile:

Just looking at these boxes, there are so many positive memories coming back.


I managed to bring home the new Castle set (not the new-new Castle set, as Scott Pilgrim might say, because although gorgeous it’s also way too rich for my poor butt). Started assembling it to help my partner calm down from some new medication concerns (nothing yet, but she made the mistake of reading the side-effects and is freaking out a little just-in-case).

Pictured here is Bob (on the left), brave chicken hunter of the yet-unnamed castle, and the friendly dragon “Quintin” (Andy watched Quinns’ RPG primer video with me and laughed so hard she almost cried at the “What’s his name?” “…(very long pause)… Quintin.” joke). Quintin protects the castle, but hasn’t had to do any protecting in a long time because the castle is very welcoming and friendly and therefore there hasn’t been any need for people to attack it.

Bag 1 of 7 done. Coming along nicely! Love the mushrooms on the right. Excited to keep working on it tonight (Andy is again working on her startup, and I am plugging away at Novel 8, which is currently under the working title “Stealing the Stars,” but I don’t think that’s sufficiently sci-fi so it will change before I’m done).