LEGO Stuff! With LEGOs!

So about 2 year ago I built some spaceships for a game (Mobile Frame Zero: Intercept Orbit) that I still haven’t played. But I do love LEGO, and in a moment of weakness I decided to buy a lovely pirate ship…

This is a Creator set, which means it can actually make 3 different things… the next on the plan is the Skull Island version of this kit, and then after that my partner and I will build the Tavern build.

… and then I am thinking about trying my hand at some stop-motion animation for this pirate set (with bonus appearances by other LEGO stuff I have). I’ve already modified the set a little by adding a few non-yellow/white minifigs, but I am curious to see if this is something I enjoy doing or not.

I mean, I love LEGO. I love writing. Maybe combining the two will be neat.

Anyway! I know there were some other Brickheads out there a while back, not sure if anyone has made anything cool recently, but figured rather than resurrecting the old thread, I thought I would start a neat new one. At the very least we can track my “progress” if I manage to make any!


If we played in person, I’d be tempted to buy that for a ship battle in WFRP…


My folks still have mine from almost thirty years ago!

I now have a desire to grab it next time I see them.


Aww, that’s such a neat looking set! I’m jealous!

I just bought a bunch (17?) of pirate-and-pirate-adjacent minifigs from a seller out in Calgary. But I would love to have another ship… or a tavern or something.

But money is tight these days, so it’ll have to wait. Whee.

Still! If you do pick it up, please show us the results! I would love to see it!


I definitely didn’t swallow a cannonball as a child.


I got my birthday present at Father’s Day this year, as my partner was really sick and couldn’t put anything together for me [EDIT: Yuk yuk]. Heck of a consolation prize—I figured I might get a hot meal or something!


I would love that, just not enough to pay the $170ish it costs.

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If you don’t already know it then I suggest having a look at this Twitter account. The guy has been putting together working Lego computer displays to replace the printed or stickered bricks normally used in sets:


Built “Type 2” of the LEGO Pirate Creator set I got (the “Skull Island” set).

Only used about half the bricks, but that’s okay! Means less to disassemble for next time.

I love the little rowboat, though.

Anyways! Tavern next… and I think I’m going to leave it on the Tavern for the first stopmotion nonsense I attempt. Because… reasons?


I have / had the same one :slight_smile:

I spent all my money on Lego as a kid and so I had all items from the pirate set.

They had a lot of things with British and French (?) soldiers as the pirates’ opponents. Like these ones.



Jealous! I love the old sets… yeah, the new sets look better, but there is a nostalgia for the old sets that I don’t think I’ll ever lose.

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I definitely remember having that island piece (or something similar to it with a cellar in the middle) even if I don’t remember having the set.


My lifestyle does not exactly match but, for whatever reason, I bought myself an “action” camera. I dug into my old Lego to build a dolly for it but I only had small wheels. It worked but I guessed it would be less bumpy with larger wheels. So I found a set of Lego train tracks on sale and ordered some sets of wheels for it. If I just use the straight track I have more than a meter to work with. I have not yet come up with a simple idea for sawhorses if I want the track above the ground or a table.
The next thing I want to try is a zip line. I used to make cable cars out of Lego a lot as a kid. Here again an issue is the placement of the ends line. Also if the line is too steep can I do something about frame rate to compensate?


The latest big Lego thing here was last year’s Christmas House:


Of the pirates sets we (and by “we” I mean “my older brothers”, and by extension me… eventually) had, I think these were the big ones:


I seem to recall that the hull of the boat was suitable for making a sea-worthy, or at least bath-worthy, vessel.



I still have my pirate island. The sharks were awesome.


Build 3 from the Creator “3-in-1” set is now complete! I think it is legit my favourite… just a tonne of detail in it!

I think I can work with this. I’m going to have to build out a secondary “set” for the interior of the tavern/inn, but again, that’s a future-me problem.

Now to see if I can come up with a simple little test-storyboard. And to wait for the 10 additional pirates I ordered to show up so I can figure out who gets to be the hero/villains!


… in unrelated news, I think I’ll be buying the Creator castle next. Because this was a lot of fun.


Yeah, my Lego ships (the big, more expensive ones) were all swimming in a bath tub at some point :slight_smile:

Just looking at these boxes, there are so many positive memories coming back.