LEGO Stuff! With LEGOs!

Andy had some tummy concerns again today, so we did another section (about halfway done at this point).

The castle still has no name: the raven is named Runa.

As an aside: I ordered the LEGO Blacksmith set, which won’t ship for about 60 days (which is good because I won’t get charged for it for a few months and I sure as heckfire can’t afford it right now).


Oh, right by Christmas, you’ll have plenty of money by then… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I mean, you joke, but…

Tuition was due this month, which means also textbooks. In October I hope to have my next novel edited which means $2K has to be set aside for that. But by the time November hits I will be working 7 days a week (whee), with no extra time to spend money on anything else… and there’s usually a Christmas bonus.

So… yeah. Kinda. For whatever reason, I tend to have way more money in December/January than almost any other time of year.

Patience, energy, or health? No. But money? A bit more than usual. And hey, maybe making Lego will help with those other three?


Well, that’s one castle completely built!

Because of the vulgarities of overhead lighting and cameras, it’s a little hard to tell some of the utterly brilliant stuff they did with this design. The waterwheel you see on the outside connects to a hammer-and-forge on the inside!

And of course the little market, which is where we go to buy groceries and to make fun of the guy we locked up and then left there to die…

The little side-opening wall is an interesting choice. I suppose it would be hard to get your fingers into the room just through the door? Whatever.

What a lovely, lovely set. Going to see if Andy wants to start the next build later today. Need to get at least a few thousand words added to the novel first.


I can see the knight helmets have not changed design since I last played with them.

NOTE: when I was really, really young, they had two indentations on the temple sides and a visor that could go up and down. Then in the mid-80s they changed to that design with three bars fixed visors.

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I had this LEGO castle as a kid. I remember it extremely fondly.



Awesome. And yes, they’re the helmets.

I must admit if there was something that I loved from Lego was the medieval and pirate settings. I had the Robin Hood tree and a couple of small sets of medieval Lego and they were my favourites. I think that tree ended up being a Viking longboat, somehow. It is still displayed in my room back at my parents.


That’s the same castle that my brothers had! I think it was the first big Lego set that they ever got.

I don’t remember it all that well but I do remember the drawbridge, which was very cool when it worked but had a habit of the string slipping off the drum when I inevitably tried to raise or lower it as fast as I possibly could.


Phew. Big disassemble there… ready to start Build 2! Woo!


Well, finished the 2nd build (for me, 3rd in the book). Happy with how it turned out, but honestly a little tame compared to the other one. The castle was amazing, this little castle-town is… okay. It’s okay.

I do love the tree.

The rest of it is fine! It’s fine.

The little kitchen is neat, no question, and I love the continuity of fireplaces and smokestacks, that’s cool. But there’s no real “wow” factor here, just a bunch of little “Oh, that’s clever” things.

I am becoming picky with my LEGO.

I think my biggest complaint is that it only used about half the bricks! They could’ve done so much more! Like, at least one more “building” on each side or something.

Ah well. Disassembly this weekend, and then we build the Tower! Whee! That one looks neat.


I realise it’s intrinsic to the plastic, but that loaf of bread looks like something you’d bake to hide a sword in.


I’ve just learned (from my dad) that there exists a Lego lending library in the UK:


I had heard of it on the radio a while ago, but I never went for it.

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Well, I’ve started the 3rd build for this set (the tower). It’s really good thus far! Definitely enjoying it!

That little secret door is just lovely.

Hopeful to get this build finished this weekend (although I have a stack of school work that I need to finish… I haven’t been respecting how much time my courses are going to absorb properly and I really need to get on top of that).


Love that hidden passage door! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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My birthday present from my daughter

We’re part way through building the tiger.


Is that a red panda as one of the other build options? I love red pandas. Might have to consider this set if it is.


Yes, it’s a red panda, which is the that my daughter wanted to get that set for me as a present. Red panda are one of my favourite animals, and she wanted to get Daddy some red panda lego.

(Why we are building the tiger first is because she loves cats!)


That was a lot if fun to build. Really nice and clever points of articulation to let you pose the tiger in different ways.


It is said that all the wisdom of the universe is written in the stripes of the tiger. But it isn’t said often, because a scholar/tiger interface rarely ends well for the scholar.