LEGO Stuff! With LEGOs!

That depends on how clever was the scholar. I’d say on top of an elephant with a big carabine will be better than unarmed and on foot in the jungle, and on the other side of a cage would top both of those as well.


Build 3 is done! One wizard-y, guard-post-y, bridge-y building is finished!

The complete lack of a 4th wall is… a choice. I wish they had done the usual “it is opened easily or can be opened with minimal effort” thing, but I get how that is more difficult with a narrow structure like this.

Oh, and a catapult/trebuchet. Legit a neat little bit of engineering to make that work… wish it had a larger bucket, though!

That stated, I thought this would be my favourite of the three builds… but it is not. The original castle is miles beyond any of the other builds. So much so that we’ve already disassembled the whole thing and will be building the castle again shortly.


Breaking the 4th wall seems pretty popular right now. So they might just have wanted to make it easy on you by removing it completely.