Last Game you sold! (Volume 2)

What’s left you collection and why? What great game didn’t you gel with?

I’ll start with my recent sales flurry

Bus as buying a game =/= playing it

Powerboats best with a full six and that don’t happen. It also feels slightly too long for the game

Mr. Face Codenames is enough for a party game for me

Jaipur I only play 2 player with my wife and she doesn’t play that often

Parade It’s fine and that’s it

First Class Keeping it sorted is a bear

Chinatown Fills a similar space as Lords of Vegas


Finally moved on Gugong Deluxe. Pleased to see this go as it was a millstone. Boring game in my eyes and springing for the deluxe was a mistake it seems.

Also gone, Azul: Summer Pavilion. Found Azul underwhelming, hoped this was more gamerly and more interesting. I didn’t make it up to whelmed with this one either. Stayed under.

Also gone is Ganz Schon Clever. Great fun game until I realised there was only 1 strategy and got bored really quickly after that.


Do you ever get just whelmed? Logically you must be able to, as you can be under or over but I’ve never heard anyone say it.

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To “whelm” something is much the same thing as to overwhelm it: to cover, bury, submerge, engulf, or more fancifully to destroy it.


I think you can in Europe.


Not sure as I didn’t get there :man_shrugging:t3:

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Just sold Ticket to Ride: London.

I might just be odd but I think big TTR is fine and TTR: Filler Cash Cow is wholly unnecessary and finishes just as it gets going.


Everybody, please form a circle and hold hands. First, I want to say, “It’s going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay.”

I sold one of my copies of Roads & Boats. A nearby BGG member approached me with an offer to trade a NIS copy of Lisboa for Roads & Boats. My neighbor has a copy of Lisboa and I’m not fully convinced that I’m a fan of Lacerda; I haven’t played a game of his yet and my neighbor has a copy of just about every Lacerda game I might be interested in trying. So, I declined the offer; we discussed other trade possibilities but decided to just exchange leafy green cash in exchange for my spare copy of R&B.

A man will be by my house tomorrow to collect that particular road and its associated boat.


Who even are you now?


[pillbox sobs quietly in the corner]

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A man with 1.5 RBO&adts is merely 150% man, which is no man at all, if you think about it (please don’t think about it).

[EDIT] Jeez, I have some updating to do. A purge has been occuring these last few weeks, some real heartbreakers went out the door. Partly due to space concerns (again), partly due to some priority shifting since the wee bebe pooped [typo stays] into our lives. Gah, here we go. Gone are:

  • Secret Hitler - Unplayed. No biggie.

  • Unmatched - UGH. Love this game. Too many scrappers though, and Skytear has really gripped me. So that one’s in and this one’s out.

  • Catacombs Cubes - my partner and I decided we don’t like it enough to let it take up space until we can play it with our kid. Lovely game, didn’t need it.

  • Conan - This one hurt. But I finally got fed up with the effort required to collect for it, made worse by Monolith’s bungling.

  • Food Chain Magnate - Love it, but everyone else has it. Got it for a good price around the holidays so took the opportunity to pass it on at a nice price to a friend.

  • Galaxy Defenders - See Conan. This is a 3 part story, and I loved the base set enough to see it through, but it became clear fast that there wasn’t going to be an easy or affordable way to nab em. Enter Sword & Sorcery.

  • Pipeline - This was a killer, personally. My partner prefers other heavies to this one though, and for some reason I couldn’t table a game among my group to save my life. A shame!

  • Vast: The Mysterious Manor - I adore this game and everything about it. Got it tabled lots, solo’d lots, certainly got my money’s worth. But once again I struggled to find anyone willing to play more than once, and this puppy doesn’t shine until you get a group of 5 who know how to be at each others’ throats. Big box, sold on to my buddy.

  • Living Planet - I might have given this more of a shot if I had the Kickstarter edition as there are some super neat things in there. On its own though, the stock market element felt mechanically contrived and I couldn’t help but feel like more needed to be in the base game. With no guarantee those expansions would ever make it to retail, it got cut fast.

It’s a lot. Yipes. But I’ve still got one hell of a collection and life goes on. See you next year for BG Purge 2021! Many of these went to friends in my gaming circle, so there’s always a chance we’ll be reunited for tabley glorystuffs.


So there is a reason why we had that earthquake yesterday when Jacinda was on screen… You sold Roads & Boats??? It’s the end of an era…


“Shut up! I’m not crying, you’re crying,” pillbox says as he sobs.

In all seriousness, I’m glad it’s going to a new home. It’ll be in good company; the new owner sent me a picture of his small but excellent collection when we were negotiating for a trade. So even though this copy of R&B won’t be sandwiched between two other copies of R&B, it’ll still be surrounded by Antiquity, Bus, Food Chain Magnate, and a broad selection of other heavy euro games (I saw City of Big Shoulders, Pipeline, Dominant Species, Tramways, Twilight Struggle, Die Macher, Clinic, Pax Pamir… the list goes on).

I also waved and spoke (very) briefly with the new owner through the glass of my front door; perhaps in a future world where the pox is not among us, he represents a new potential for playing heavy games (or maybe not)


Dude has some serious taste!

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Can I ask a question?

Do you all just call Jacinda, Jacinda all the time? It seems refreshingly informal.

Yep. That’s the norm… through lockdown everybody was expecting the 1pm news like, “let’s see if Jacinda has good news today”.

Small??? I wouldn’t call it small… He’s got twice as many games as me, at least…

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Yeah, I somewhat reluctantly kept my original phrasing after typing out the list and realizing “small” was not necessarily the best term.

But the picture portrayed the entire collection as it sat on a 2x4-cubicle Kallax (with additional titles on top of the Kallax as well).

EDIT: Also, for the purposes of sense of scale for my perspective (a number which is probably too big!):


(which includes 214 items that are databased as expansions)

2x4 kallax. Thats not so bad!

Edit: planning to kallax my collection

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Anything seems small next to that number.

Honest, I am going to start saving for a trip to Kansas…

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2 player purge:

Field of Glory
Carcassonne: the Castle
En Garde - Knizia with a cool theme, but didn’t make the cut
Air Land & Sea - Brilliant game, but I prefer Battle Line and Blitzkrieg better.

Nanuk - bluff game like Liar’s Dice/Perudo. But I end up preferring Liar’s Dice
Elder Sign - cool dice chucking Cthulhu game shorter than Eldritch Horror. Would rather play Ghost Stories.
Little Prince Make Me A Planet
Monolith Arena - I’d rather play Neuroshima Hex on the app nowadays