Last game you bought?

Here’s how I do it, in one of the Master slots.

Then rolled mat on top of it.


Thanks, I’ll give that a shot. If I can remove a small annoying box from storage, that ain’t nothing!


Bought a Rage deck. :grin:


I didn’t know anyone actually bought them, I thought they just showed up in maths trades. :slight_smile:


Is the new trick of the rails out now or did you find an old copy?

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I bought an imported Brazilian copy from Travel Games.

And when I went to check the URL I discovered that they have this probably not at all weird in Japan game on their shop front page:

I’m guessing this is a you’ve got crabs!" level game title in Japanese :laughing:


At first glance, that appears to be a reasonable translation!

(It’s a simple trick-taking game though)

The image appears to indicate a play on words, as “anus” is a homophone with a certain rank of samurai who might have presented a badge such as depicted? So, life told from elite and uh, not elite perspectives?


My first thought was “talking out of your butt” but I doubt the Japanese have that idiom.

Sooooooo…I just ordered Deal with the Devil because the price dropped to $26.25. $26.25! I mean, how can I say no to that!? It retails for $70!


That’s an insane deal, to be fair.

Which seems appropriate.


$26,25, and maybe some day there will be a favour you can do for me…


Fine, fine. I promise to buy more games from your site in the future.

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Part of one of my grail games is back in stock…

Still looking for the two big supplements and Hero Pack 2. (They float about on eBay, but they tend to be in the US.)


Surprising find at Goodwill today:

It’s all there and was just $4.


Received my KS expansion of Oceans yesterday. I did replace the old box with the new one, but seeing that I could have just taken the insert out and fitted everything in the old box… well, there’s a lesson there. Anyway, looking forward to try the new stuff.


Bought The Hood scenario expansion for Marvel Champions while getting some distance from my kids after the older one hit me in the face. Mostly interested in this as it has a modified Standard modular set, so I can have the normal version in whatever campaign game I have going, but still play other scenarios in the meantime without having to dig out those cards.


It’s been a few months since I posted, which is sad, but there isn’t all that much to catch up on (which is good? I’m going with “good.”)

Merchants Cove expansions

I already owned Merchants Cove and already had the new expansion Kickstarted, but it was hard to pass up a great deal to get all of that, AND MORE for a fraction of the cost. I actually already posted about this because one of the expansions was missing some tokens, which I then recreated myself (and then the publisher provided replacements on top of that). So for basically the price of the 3 expansions (that I now have in-hand), I got a duplicate of the base + secret stash, along with a second Kickstarter Pledge that includes the Mega Box along with some other stuff. Now I just have to be patient for the KS stuff to arrive so I can liquidate the duplicate content.

I am over 2 months late talking about it, but despite the look my partner gives me whenever a new game shows up on our doorstep on is produced from a shopping bag, she still buys me games for my birthday.

Peek & Push and Simon’s Cat: Lunch Time

She typically takes our kids with her to the FLGS and lets them pick something from the small-box game shelf. They can’t read and if they did, I’m not sure it would change their minds very much. Peek & Push (picked, allegedly, by the then-17-month-old) is barely a game, but it’s a very small box and it’s approachable enough for a child to play. Simon’s Cat: Lunch Time (picked by the 5-year-old) is more of a game, but in a way that is somehow less appealing? A real-time game that is very simple for an adult (or even an older child) but, at the same time, frustrating even for a 5 year old with nearly nothing in the design to account for differing spatial and visualization talents.

Cat in the Box

The then-4-year-old picked this for me because it had a cat on the box – and a cute cat at that! The amount of money my partner is willing to just throw away to let these kids pick games for me is astounding. BUT, she didn’t realize that this one was actually on my wishlist, and I had been inappropriately hoping to get a copy. “Inappropriate?” you ask. Yes, indeed. I do not have 2-to-4 other people around me who are ready for a complicated trick-taking game. But now it’s mine. And it was only a few days after I received this that I heard about the new edition :frowning: Oh well, this copy can sit on my shelf hoping one day to get played.

Turing Machine

I really didn’t know a lot about this game when I put it on my wishlist. But I do love deduction/logic games, and this one has a solo mode! This is one of the games that I have most regretted not having the brainspace to play these last couple of difficult months. My partner definitely felt like she chose correctly when she saw my reaction to this one.

Coffee Roaster

It’s still hard for me to think about games as “solo only” even though that has been my expression of the hobby for quite some time. A solo only game is so obvious that maybe… just maybe… it’s too obvious. I tried this one a few weeks ago and made some blunders and, unintentionally, internalized a couple of rules incorrectly; so rather than try to fight my flawed understanding, I figured I’d just let the day-to-day world-weariness remove those incorrect rules from my brain, along with the rest of the rules and a few more happy memories from my childhood. I think I’m ready to re-tackle it. I believe it’s on the cusp of being something simple and enjoyable – I’m worried, however, that with such a simple and distilled bag-building mechanism that if the random luck of the draw is too jarring, it might leave a burnt taste in my mouth.

With some cash I got for my birthday, I ordered some expansions to convert non-soloable games to soloable games!

Catacombs: Red Box

I have owned Catacombs for years and have never played it. That will change, now that there’s a solo mode. But, seriously, I have no idea how the solo works, I bought this specifically because I want to get some use out of my gigantic Catacombs box.

Ashes Reborn: Red Rains – The Corpse of Viros

I’ve really wanted to get involved in Ashes for a long while. I’ve spent a good amount of money on the system and never really played, unless you count two-handing a game a few years ago, and that was before reborn. This solo mode I’ve actually read a few things about and watched a couple of videos of playthroughs; I’m very excited for it. I’m somewhat concerned about the fiscal feasibility of buying future Red Rains packs… these sorts of games seem to be made for someone with more money to spare than me.

And, on a similar note, I also got:

CDG Solo System Pack #2

This was actually a gift from the publisher in exchange for some feedback I provided during the playtest. I’m peculiar in the war-game content I find interesting, which meant that the first CDG Solo System Pack only supported a single game that I owned (Paths of Glory, which I still haven’t tried), but when they announced CDGSSP#2 would have rules for Command & Colors: Medieval, I was very excited. Medieval is definitely the type of warfare I’m more interested in. C&C:Ancients would also count, but it’s been hard to find a way to break into that particular gaming ecosystem (the pain you feel when you buy a game at retail price knowing that it has a dozen expansions >< Because of that, I’ve been waiting for a C&C Ancients bundle to come up on the secondary market. But, I know the secret. The secret is: it never happens. Nobody sells C&C Ancients)

So, I signed up for the playtest and used my CDGSSP#1 components to play C&C Medieval. A daunting and tiring task, but rewarding; I couldn’t just jump into a scenario because I don’t actually know medieval combat tactics, so for each scenario I tried, I would research the actual battle to understand better the setup and how the commanders thought about the engagement. That was several months ago (maybe even a year or so?) And I still sometimes think to myself, “Oh, I should look up a battle in C&C Medieval and then spend an evening and the following early morning watching YouTube history videos about the battle, what lead up to it, and what the result of the engagement was”.

And, finally, I did have a crowdfunded game arrive. My first Awakened Realms box:

The Castles of Burgundy Special Edition

A beautiful production of a game that I do very much enjoy. I did an hour long unboxing/reboxing video on it. Feel free to watch if you enjoy that sort of thing


Really annoyed that I missed when this came out and now it’s sold out everywhere :pensive:

Right now I’m in the middle of the original solo game: sorting all the cards back into decks because I opened the box awkwardly and everything fell out onto the floor :grimacing:


Still waiting to find Red Rains a bit more cheaply. (Most of my cards come from the Cancelled Times when they were being sold off.)


I’m looking forward to my Oceans solo expansion arriving soon!