Last game you bought?

I’m so used to boxes of certain sizes that that beer looks so small


That beer might be small


Looks more like a baby Jötun. Maybe even Loki, from Marvel MCU.


“It’s out of the circle! Run for your lives!”



Rulebook, resources and components, and the Ever Tree

Millions of Animeeples!

Stickers for said Animeeples

The “How to Pack All This S**t Up” instructions

It is well packaged, as far as keeping everything safe. Only real complaint so far is that they put the boards at the very bottom, when having them on top makes much more sense to me.


my partner almost ran from the room as I looked through the box. scarier than a Cthulhu baby fleeing from its summoning circle (typing on my phone makes the best typos)


I must admit things like that re very welcomed in my book. ISS Vanguard has one of those on the side of the box (base) and it is helpful. I hate boxes that then don’t close properly (I am looking at you Gloomhaven)


Played a learning game and could not fit the game board back in like it should now the lid doesnt quite close anymore.

Also the box is a about 1cm less height than Gloomhaven… nice but just so wide it will not fit in a Kallax cube. Meaning it is at least 2cm wider than Gloomhaven. Was too lazy to get the Gloomhaven box out of its assigned cube to compare directly. Also due to my insert my Gloomhaven box has 5cm lid lift.


The main issue why I had not gone down the insert way with Gloomhaven was price. Now I can see I have another reason not to get it. I know it helps up with set up/tidy up, bit given how little I am playing it, and how many other games I have to be played, I will leave it as it is.

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Oh that is a self-built insert so the lift is caused by the foamcore needing a bit too much volume overall. Which is fine. It wasn‘t expensive considering how many inserts I have built since buying the basic tools to build them. Possibly 8-10€ in material cost. Tools to get started were probably 60€ (metal winkel/ruler, knife, mat to cut on and a few bits and pieces)


There is considerable amount of air and all those plastic trays just need so much space. I am not a huge fan of these. They are rarely space efficient. Also why are there additional cardboard boxes around the plastic trays? Did they have too much money to blow on extra material?

(Jammern auf hohem Niveau—this is a very pretty game and the box is filled with goodies.)


I guess the plastic is too flimsy and the components are too heavy for the plastic inserts to stand alone.


Finally! My copy of Cat in the Box came today!


Or did it?


“I swear it arrived, but every time I look at it the bloody thing disappears…”


Japan order arrived quicker than expected.

Very curious with how they have done S-Rocket. And so, an unboxing!!

First a side by side comparison with the Grail Games edition. The size is the main reason why I bought this.

The map is pretty and the cities can be seen clearly. As the countryside is uniform gameplay-wise, it doesnt matter what they put in there.

You can see how tiny the trains and tracks are. Or maybe I just have big hands. You know what they say about people with big hands :smirk::smirk::smirk:

Other components. This is where Group SNE edition is inferior. They have card shares and commodity tokens. So if you wanna know who has tokens in Cambridge or whether a player is dominant on steel, you have to check everyone’s personal area! Grail puts everything on the board and at a glance, you will get your answer.

Cards are in mini-Euro size (i think)

Another big disadvantage is the lack of the China/US map expansion. I can try to be creative and print and play my own edition of it.

I will play the Group SNE edition a few times and see how it is. We’ll see. I dont think the box size is enough to win me over.


They wear big gloves?


Hills in East Anglia??? And by the Wash???WTF??


Very much same for Jaws of the Lion. Just impossible.


it’s delivery season. 2 more addresses locked in and this arrived:

ps box closes properly even after I packed everything back in the “wrong” way