Last game you bought?

I feel like there’s a whole master & commander series developing here.

I’m building my dream cast of characters from designers in my mind.

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He lives in the Kapiti coast, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s got the kiwi dream of a boat and a bach


Oh, you make me want to travel to NZ again… I doubt I ever will, you‘re just too far away!


Bought Imhotep: A New Dynasty and I haven’t played the B sides in the base box


Welcome to the club :stuck_out_tongue: Getting the expansions before exhausting the base game is a tradition around here somewhere, I think.


Bought a trio of games today from various shops. Men At Work from rules of play (my local)

Eriantys From chaos cards. It’s a remake of an old SDJ nomination which feels like a good bet (although Vasel was some what unimpressed).

And lastly ohnahami of Amazon (surprisingly hard to find elsewhere and relying on the German version I suspect).


Got the Venom hero pack for Marvel Champions today. Stopped by a new-to-us game store when we were out and about and my lovely wife offered to get me one, so went with that one.

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First game I’ve bought for a while, thanks to @cornishlee and a cheap offer at Play Board Games:

It’s The Climbers.


Im sure you can mix and match

Nice! Happy to take the blame for that.

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I want that game too!

I fell into the gencon FOMO trap and pre-ordered:
Akropolis - getting a lot of buzz
Ready, Set, Bet - A couple of years ago I picked up a BNIS copy of Panic on Wall Street for $20 (one of my best ever finds), and I’ve been hesitant to crack it open because of its value. This seems like much the same thing.
Village Rails - Village Green is one of my favorite underrated little card games, and Osprey Games recent record is pretty impeccable
Splendor Duel - I sold my copy of Splendor years ago because I only ever played it on the app with my wife. Well now the app is dead, and this gives us a chance to revisit

I considered picking up Turing Test as well, given that Decrypto is firmly in my top-10 games, but I watched a playthrough and it looked quite fiddly. I’d be happy to have my mind changed though.


Well, I “bought” it last year, but it’s here now. (Expansion for the former V-Commandos, name changed because some video game publisher threatened to sue.)


Bought a couple of Oinks yesterday

Town 66 which seems to be getting a lot of chat


this cool dragon one

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Simple enough rules to teach my kids, enough dickery to satisfy my gamer buds.

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This is exactly what I want!

It looked like it had the exact teeth gnashing of azul.