I no longer think it is too early to talk about Christmas. Wishlists, what are you giving and any other Christmas/ Winter chat

Disclaimer. I love Christmas

It looks like Christmas and the winter holiday season is going to be a different experience for a lot of people this year so I thought it might be a fun thing to talk about. What are you asking Santa for? What games are you giving to others? Any other, non-games related plans for the season?

My Wishlist
Anachrony - apparently an interesting twist on worker placement. A game I’ll be terrible at!
CO2 Second Chance - a big box Lacerda. I’m thinking this one rather than the others because of the co op mode. Lacerda games sound like they’ll melt my brain, so I thought tackling it together would be a great way to see if this is our thing or not. Plus, compared to Lisboa and The Gallerist, this is a lot cheaper.

I’m/ we’re giving
Disney Villainous to my wife. We both love Disney and she was gutted I didn’t get this in the Maths Trade.
Imperial Assault to the boys. Yes, this is for the boys :wink: :wink: :joy:. After Jaws of the Lion was such a big hit I cannot wait to play this as a family.
Star Wars: Unlock to the family. We love the Exit series and Escapre Rooms. We love Star Wars. I think this will be a Christmas night game for the 4 of us to play whilst eating Toblerone.
Skull - the boys again - love Skull, normally play with a deck of cards, this was cheap on Amazon

I expect we’ll be given
Cards Against Humanity - family edition because I like ‘games’ and my sister’s family love CAH. I won’t be ungrateful.


I’m going to try to do Boxing Day Boardgames (a tradition I invented a few years ago) as an online event rather than just skipping it. It will probably consist of a few channels on my jitsi server plus BGA, yucata, TTS, jinteki, etc.


We diverge in opinion.

I shall take no part in thread until Dec 2nd. That is the official gritted teeth start of Christmas in my house.


Christmas wishes aren’t political here because it’s basically a secular feast for almost everyone. Though I do celebrate Newton’s Birthday.


I know someone who is insistent that Christmas starts at 24th


Mince Pies regularly show up in UK supermarkets in September, so I’ll take November to be acceptable to talk about buying boardgames :smiley:


I may have had a mince pie already this year :smiley:


You disgust me.

I had 5.


I was about to say that I refuse to countenance Christmas until after my birthday (mid November), but then I remembered that I offered to organise a secret Santa on this very forum, so that would clearly have been a lie :laughing:


We don’t trim up until the first weekend in December (which will be the 5th this year), but we normally have a big party for Christmas/ Thanksgiving the week before.

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I hosted boxing day games for about a decade. Cycle was broken last year due to me studying. Given the events of this year that now feels maybe lucky to have already broken the run.

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My partner is already watching Christmas movies and if it weren’t for “too much change all at once is stressful on our kids”, she would have put up Christmas decorations as she was taking down Halloween decorations.


That’s more like it!

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When we’re in a mood for decorations, which isn’t every year, my wife and I go foraging for recently-fallen holly on Christmas Eve, and spend the evening winding it and some sparkles and lights through the banister. And it comes down by twelfth night.


I’m really hoping the Blackforest mince pies Lidl had in last year will make a return. I only managed to get one pack then :frowning:


My wishlist is long and scary, and I would just like to thank everyone on this forum for making it at least twice as long as it was in January :slight_smile:


So my son (11) is my biggest gaming partner, and is also hard to buy for. He doesn’t really ask for much, and even looking through the Toy’s-R-Us flyer (we still have them in Canada), his only idea was a Lego set (probably for us to build together).

So he’s probably getting a bunch of game stuff, but nothing really new. Mostly expansion content for games we have and play.

The big one is Warhammer AoS WarCry: Catacombs. There has been some talk about how it’s not close to the deal the original starter was, but it’s still better than the items individually, and I’m hearing good early impressions of the new game mode. Basically a 1v1 dungeon crawler that integrates with WarCry.

Beyond that, probably a warband or two for Warhammer Underworlds, and maybe another set for the Funkoverse Strategy Game (specifically The Nightmare Before Christmas set). I also have the Forgotten Circles expansion for Gloomhaven, which I grabbed on cleared ($10) a few months ago, but that might wait until his bday at the end of January.

Maybe a few paint supplies, since I might finally be getting my airbrush, and we can start working through the ever growing back log.

Yes, I realize he’s a bit spoiled but he’s an only child AND it’s an excuse to get games I want! :rofl:

Also, he already knows a few of these things are coming eventually, specifically the Underworlds Warbands.

As far as gifts for others (mostly just ideas for now, not 100% on anything specific);
Scythe Legendary Box for my brother-in-law, as he has all the things for the game.
Disney Villainous Exp. for my son’s mother (from him).

Not sure who else, if anyone, will get games.


I’ll let you off then. Dec 2nd is the start because I have my cake day on Dec 1st.

In fairness my main gripe is being told I should happy because it’s an arbitrary time of the year. If I’m happy then it’s cool, but equally if I’m not you should be cool about that too.


My problem with all these is how my birthday (9th of December) is always in the way.

So planning for both always puts things into November. Definitely planning is not the same as decorating for it, which never ever should be before December starts, and no trees go up in my house until at least the 15th of that month.

Other than that rant, wishlist for games:

For me: Oceans, JotL, Spirit Island or Merchants and Marauders, plus a Root expansion
For family: Wavelength or Codenames/ Decrypto if I cannot find Wavelength at a decent price.
For children: I’m still undecided, actually, suggestions would be good. My eldest got Raiders of the North Sea for her birthday back in June, but she prefers playing it on Steam. Any lighter, less fiddly recommendations? I’m considering a lighter version of a game like Lords of Waterdeep, but I am undecided. If all does not go well, I might have to resort to a Munchkin: Harry Potter or something similar…
The little one will get Ticket to Ride: First Journey most likely…



I have no real input, I don’t think.

Once Halloween is over (Read: First Christmas) it’s Christmas time.

My mum bloody loves Christmas. So much so she sometimes gets Christmas decorations for her birthday.