I no longer think it is too early to talk about Christmas. Wishlists, what are you giving and any other Christmas/ Winter chat

Using Amazon for a wishlist (convenience and family who are bad with tech) means the ability to add games is limited. So I’ve just got The King is Dead on there.

Other than that I’ve got some RPG books (Tome of Beasts II for D&D and GURPS Discworld) and a bunch of jigsaws.

Might play some games with my partner’s family at Christmas. Won’t be seeing many other people :frowning:


I maintain an evergreen Amazon wishlist that my family use (because I’m notoriously hard to buy gifts for); it’s a struggle to list things there, especially hard to find or limited distribution games.

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In our family of 5, we have 4 birthdays very near Christmas.

Cake. The solution is cake.

Trying to avoid buying too many things for everyone. Eldest daughter has demands that must be met, of course.


Christmas officially begins the day after Thanksgiving for us, as that is when we put up our (artificial) tree. I have always enjoyed Christmas, and really one of my happy places is sitting in the living room at night with nothing but the Christmas lights on, maybe with some holiday music playing and just soaking it all in.

Games of some kind will be on my list this year, like they are every year. I think, however, I will mostly be looking to expand games I already own as they will have a better chance of being played if they don’t need to compete with even more games.

That’s because game-wise you already own everything! :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to establish the rule in my house that Christmas decorations can go up Nov. 12th, you can bloody well respect Remembrance Day before the Christmas decorations go up. Otherwise I’m sure my fiance would want to decorate mid September haha.
As for what I’m hoping for for Christmas, I’m hoping to get Too Many Bones but it’s pretty pricey so I’m not too sure about that one. Other than that I was hoping for a gaming mat and bag from Board Game Tables.

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The sooner I talk about this, the sooner they have put a large Christmas tree in the centre of town here in Havelock. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

By the way, I made up my mind, I will try and buy Takenoko for the children.


Right, it’s the time of year where I have to try and put a wishlist together from “I want all of it”.
Short version for me would be:

Viticulture, Everdell, Santorini, Obsession, Nemo’s War, Sushi Go Party, Quacks of Q, Shobu, London, Forgotten Waters, Mandala, Ohanami, Cousins War, Century: Spice road, Diamant, Indulgence, Iwari

Going to have to wait for it to come to the UK / wait for me to have infinite money:
Inis, El Grande Big Box, Pax Pamir 2nd, Calico, Renature

Buying for girlfriend:
Doctor Who time of the Daleks 13th Doctor Core Set (she will absolutely love this),
probably Takenoko, maybe Horrified.


Care for a German Version?


Not just yet, but thank you!

One of my New Year jobs is to explore the 2nd-hand market a lot more, because game prices everywhere I can find in the UK are nuts.


We stopped gift giving among the adults a couple of years back because it was getting more and more complicated and the only thing parents want from their adult children at some point is time.

My partner and I usually each buy ourselves something nice and declare it “our present to ourselves”. He’s probably going for one of those lego cars and I am firmly in the “expand the boardgame collection” group.

In any case, I am quite apprehensive about the whole holiday. Our Christmas family gathering has been complicated for years now and the pandemic is definitely not improving the situation. Our plan for this year was to run away to visit my sister in France… but that isn’t going to happen. So we’ll have to deal with the four local households who barely fit into any of our respective living rooms when there is no pandemic…

I am reasonably sure now that I thought about it that I’ll probably be stress-buying games the week before Christmas. On top of my list for that is Hallertau and Lost Ruins of Arnak.

We’ll be buying a nice black, metal-themed onesie for our nearly 1 yo niece and I am thinking of getting that RL Mario Kart thing for our nearly 9yo nephew. My sister wants those magnetic building blocks but he loves Mario Kart and I am thinking that racing around the living room is more fun. I am just an aunt, I am not required to be the adult in the room :slight_smile:

I’ll be getting some expensive chocolates as a treat mostly for ourselves and half a wheel of cheese for a raclette in case we do get everyone together.

We’ll probably decorate a tree in the week before Christmas and I’ll be baking a few types of traditional German Plätzchen (I’ll post pics and send recipes to whoever is interested) at the end of November and start of December.


Our Christmas day plans are on a 3 year rotation. We either go to my parents’ (my sister lives round the corner with her family), we have my family stay with us and my in laws come over for gifts and dinner, or (as with this year) the 4 of us wake up here on Christmas Day and then have dinner at my in laws.

On top of the normal gifts, my wife and I do a £10 challenge. We come up with 5 topics and you have to buy all 5 gifts for £10 in total. We really enjoy it and probably spend more time thinking about that than more expensive presents. This year we have

Something beginning with C
Something orange
Something for the future
Something that smells good
Something bright.


Chocolate orange that you’re not allowed to eat until February. I think that covers everything but the last one …


I dunno… they are pretty bright orange wrappers!

Got to be 5 separate things. But that’s very good!

This is an excellent gift buying mantra!


Ive just been asked by my wife for ideas to give her brother and sister for presents they can give me.

So… Best games under £20?

Love Letter? Sprawlopolis?

Skull! Or maybe Codenames.

Got codenames and Love Letter. I play skull with cards but a nice set could.be good

Condotierre is also a good one.