Dicebreaker's "11 releases you should play this year"

  • Frosthaven
  • Arcs: Collapse and Conflict in the Void
  • Skull Canyon: Ski Fest
  • Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar
  • Horseless Carriage
  • Untitled King of… Game [i.e. successor to Ko Tokyo and Ko New York]
  • Familiar Tales
  • Wayfarers of the South Tigris
  • Risk: Shadow Forces
  • The Dark Quarter
  • War of the Ring: The Card Game

Is it unreasonable of me not to feel any particular enthusiasm for any of these? :black_heart: I have a black and clinkered heart. And I hope that when I actually meet at least some of them I shall feel enthused.


Not at all.

Let’s pick on the first one: Frosthaven. As a roleplayer with a regular group and campaign (killed one of the PCs last Saturday; it has been a long while since I’ve done that), adventure board games don’t hold the same appeal to me as it does others.


I’m with you on that one - we haven’t even 1/2 finished Gloomhave so Frosthaven is out and the rest sound… fine? But just fine.

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The only one for me is Horseless Carriage. I’ll always want to try a Splotter. That being said I’m not bouncing up and down like I was getting the previous ones.

Gloomhaven is amazing but I am so burnt out that I have zero interest in Frosthaven.

I presume jadedness is a big part of the meh.

Has my attention:

  • Frosthaven (only because I’ve already paid for it…)
  • Horseless Carriage (I feel obligated to keep up with Splotter’s output)

Seems legit to me. The more I’ve learned about the hype/release boardgame publishing cycle, the more happy I am with what’s already on my shelves.


Absolutely reasonable. The only one I am excited about is Frosthaven but that one is a monster and I am sure a lot of people are not keen on more giant dungeon crawler with set up times during which you can play a round of Rallyman GT (or so).

Horseless Carriage is interesting because it is a Splotter but … that doesn’t mean all that much to me either. I am a bit curious about Wayfarers of the South Tigris but I am still way from done with West Kingdom.

Some of these I am actively disinterested in… others I have not heard of before.

We should update our own “excited about upcoming releases” thread :slight_smile: Or I should post an update on my Kickstarter Status. I have incoming in the next few days :slight_smile:


I’m only interested on Horseless Carriage - which I already preordered. Frosthaven too, but that’s more into the future - I haven’t even finished Baby Gloom.


If the contents of the Frosthaven box end up looking like they do in the photograph in the article then I’d be very excited for it…

None of these fill me with anticipation but I do think I’ll be paying attention to several of them:

Arcs’ mini-campaign idea is enough for me to at least keep an eye on, even if I wasn’t interested in Oath (and am a heretic for strongly disliking Kyle Ferrin’s art).
Horseless Carriage, for reasons I’m not sure I can quite put my finger on. It might simply be the fact that I like the words “Horseless Carriage”.
Familiar Tales. I’ve enjoyed every game from Plaid Hat I’ve ever played, so I’ll at least give this a look.
Risk: Shadow Forces. I don’t see myself buying this, but if it is very good I might consider it. I do really like Legacy games.


Arcs looks interesting, but I expect it will be another three figures of money campaign making it a pass from me

Arcs is the only one piquing my interest. Purely based on Kyle ferrins art and Cole wehrle.

I loved Kyle ferrins less cartoony oath art and hope he gets to do some of that for arcs sci if setting

I’d normally be quite keen on Arcs and Horseless Carriage… But my Werhle and Splotter collection is already sadly underused :frowning:


I find for every game I look forward to there’s maybe 4 that surprise me closer to launch.

Also in the Arcs and Horseless Carriage camp, but to play, not to buy unseen.

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Had only heard of Frosthaven, which my group has backed. But Arcs sounds pretty interesting. And maybe I’ll keep an eye on Dark Quarter.

You are not alone in being heretical. While I liked Ferrin’s art in Root, where the cartoony roughness worked for the setting, it only worked to add to my dislike for Oath.

After reading the article, I can see keeping an eye on Arcs, Familiar Tales, and Dark Quarter. Nothing else really interested me.

I’ll be curious to see how Arcs and the new War of the Ring turn out, but that whole article seems pretty worthless. With the possible exception of the skiing game, these all seem like very high-profile titles, so if they do turn out to be good there’s very little chance of not finding out about them (and in a format which provides information that is actually useful).


Just two of those have my attention: Frosthaven and Wayfarers. I cannot believe Endless Winter: Paleoamericans isn’t there.
Frosthaven I am going to pass on until I finish Gloomhaven and I continue by buying JotL. Wayfarers, unless I hear really good things, it can wait. Endless Winter I am waiting for delivery from supporting it on KS or Gamefound (cannot remember which it is)

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You’ll be ready for Frosthaven in about 10 years then? :wink:


Ive never been so offended on something I agree with! :joy: