Container - Game 1

Lets do this!

@pillbox is yellow
@VictorViper is green
@Captbnut is blue
@RossM is purple Captbnut is his Union boss
@Whistle_Pig is red Ross is his Union boss.

All players begin with $20



@RogerBW please can you randomly and secretly assign a scoring card to each player please.

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@RossM asked for a die roll:
Using the above order to decide who goes first…

d5: 4

@RossM will go first, before proceeding clockwise.


I think sitting in the 5th seat may not be too bad a thing for this one.

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Will be following. Good luck, everyone!


Will be following too! I worked and still work too often with containers to miss this! Good luck!


Appropriate Music!

Rossbury Transport is launched.

Buy a Warehouse - £4

Buy a container for £2 from @Pillbox

Set the price of that container at £2.

I’m literally cutting my own throat at that price.

(Eagle eyed viewers will notice I now have £14.)

@Whistle_Pig is up!

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Added to the Container playlist at (Which apart from that consists of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.)


Surely this is the appropriate music


Does that mean that Rossbury Transport’s finest and onlyest ship is moored at Public Investment Leasing Logistics Branch: Oceanic eXchange Limited – henceforth known as PILLBOX Ltd?


I don’t think so… I think I magically buy it from your machine area and a truck drops it at my dock?

Is that right?


Ahh, yes, sorry. I was mistaken. The Factory to Dock is teleporty, the Dock to Island requires boatitude.


Is anybody using any clever ways to secretly track their cash? Not to shine too bright a light, I believe I now have $22 (assuming in this imaginary world we are in all currencies are 1:1 exchanges, which is convenient because my keyboard does not have a ‘£’ character on it).

I categorically do not expect my opponents to track my money for me; e.g. I don’t expect Ross to go through any steps other than those that were performed to let me know my container was purchased at 2₽.

I think, for now, I shall keep a Google Docs Spreadsheet. I’d be curious if anybody else has a good idea for tracking cash, money and/or bling.

I’ve sent myself a pm. Which I will edit accordingly.

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Ahh, well I’m used to talking to myself, but I’ve rarely used the internet to do so… I’ll give that a try.

Surely the ideal character to use here is U+00A4 ¤ CURRENCY SIGN?
(Proposed in 1972 as a placeholder - “ASCII doesn’t have our non-US currency symbol so we’ll use this one instead”. I don’t believe it’s ever been widely used.)

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So far I’ve just got the bills from the game to make keeping track of myself easier. I’ll probably allow a little note pad to keep tabs (not something I’d do in game, but it also doesn’t usually play out over a week).


I like it! For those of you with keyboard mappings similar to mine, it’s easily fabricated with the keyboard combination of ALT+0164 (that is, holding Alt while typing 0164 on the keypad). Also easily fabricated by the arcane process of copy & paste.

I think I’m going to use the PM method - it’ll keep my scoring card at the top of my inbox as well.

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