Container #1 - Recruitment, Discussion and Play-by-Post

Let’s clear out of the "Nobody does it better..." thread with the talk of Container

We’ll use this thread for recruitment, discussion and, once underway, taking turns.

If you are interested in joining the game, please speak up!

If you have an idea of how to represent the gamestate and/or handle tracking information and/or how to run a play-by-post game of Container, please speak up! (regardless of whether you are planning to participate)

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Game Information


  • pillbox
  • RossM
  • Whistle_pig
  • Captbnut

Happy to keep brainstorming here. I’d likely slow a game down right now, with work and a new kid I’m still trying to figure out, but happy to help wherever I might be able to.

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I don’t know if we necessarily have established a desired pace, so it’s unlikely your turn-cadence would be an issue. But I’d certainly understand if you wished to pass on this round.

I’ll join if we can’t fill the “table”. But if we fill up I’ll sit this one out (and watch gladly).

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I’m interested.

I’ve never played it though

I’m not sure what needs tracking, but could something like a Google spreadsheet that is shared between players work?

BGG game

There’s an old play by forum on BGG. I’ve not looked through it, but there is a lot of it!


Sign me up!


I’m interested if there’s space :slight_smile:



:building_construction: :@rossm :ship: :red_square: :yellow_square: :green_square: :green_square:


Never played but interested, don’t count me for the first game, but yes if there are others later, I will be watching and trying to learn as I did with Flamme Rouge


:desert_island: Player 1 Player 2 Player 3

:ocean: :ship:Player 1 :ship: Player 2 :ship: Player 3

:building_construction:Player 1

2 3 4 5 6


1 2 :red_square: 3 4


Late Game

:desert_island: Player 1 :red_square: :red_square: :green_square: :green_square: :yellow_square: Player 2 Player 3
:ocean: :ship:Player 1 :blue_square: :blue_square: :brown_square: :ship: Player 2

Player 1:building_construction::ship: Player 3

2 3 4 :red_square: :orange_square: 5 6 :yellow_square:


1 2 :red_square: 3 4
:red_circle: :brown_circle: :yellow_circle:/12


Note that tabular layouts don’t interact well with normal use of emoticons. (I learned this running Codenames on the old forum.)

:heart: is fine in text, but in a table you need to use HTML.


I’m interested, but have never played before, and forum play looks tricky to parse.


I agree having fiddled with it.

There’s a TTS mod. (Although I will have to change the background as its terrible.) I think it’s going to be a lot easier if I just run that and post screenshots.


I used a custom background and an additive save! Look how far I have come!

Feedback? I could certainly move the bags off screen.


(Speaking as some who won’t be playing) I just did an image search for ocean + overhead and got some plausible background images.

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I will investigate. @RogerBW I may borrow you to randomly distribute the secret scoring cards if that’s ok?

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Looking at an image (never seen the game) it looks good. Could the ships be bigger? They look huge irl

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I may draw an at sea box. I can certainly tweak sizes.