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bad-moon-rising.character-tokens.pdf (9.5 MB)

bad-moon-rising.pdf (2.6 MB)

Some special rules for the PBF version.
To simulate talking you can send players messages but if you do please announce on the main forum:
@deceptive-killer whispers to @not-so-deceptive-killer
And when you reply:
@not-so-deceptive-killer whispers back to @deceptive-killer

If you are having a long message then it would be good to state
@stabby_mc_bumface had a very long whisper with @Jane_the_victim

The only exception to whispers is talking to the storyteller. Any messages to me can be just between us, wink, wink.

Should you get killed then you will get a chance to narrate your own death (a rare treat indeed). Also unlike werewolf remember you will get a chance to cast one final vote and can in your ghostly form still communicate with the townsfolk. Using italics for your posts when dead, or putting :ghost: round them, is a good way to show that you’re no longer corporeal.

Any abilities will be discussed in private messages. I’ll prompt players who have any unused abilities whenever there is an opportunity.

Finally in terms of voting I’ll announce on the main thread when voting starts. Then players can message me their votes.

For general chat about the game please use the recruitment/chat thread.

Seating order is:

With 7 Players we have.

1 Demon
1 Minion
5 Villagers

Traveller role reserved for @Kili1024

Please can each player like this post and then I can allocate roles.

Final Important Information.

As Narrator, I’m definitely not a werewolf!


Will wait until tomorrow for our last player.

Your werewolf alter-ego?

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All hidden role games are Werewolf. Oops wrong thread.

PS: I am definitely not a Werewolf but I might be a Vampire.


Ok. With only seven of you liking the post to say you are ready I will create a 7 player game with a traveller role held in case number rejoins.


A Horrific scene greets you all as the sun rises after a moonless night. There, in the middle of the Town’s model village you find @RossM, battered and unrecognisable, save for the grimoire he always clutched in life. His brains are spread over the model windmill, his spleen hangs from the model water tower, and it’s certainly his blood on the clocktower.

It sure looks like (Puts on Shades) a bad moon is rising…

(Roles are out, first night actions resolved. Good luck everyone.)


Feel free to discuss, nominate, talk, argue, whisper etc.

Oh, God, the spleen? That’s gross. I am not even going to ask how it got there, yuck!

Who put sunglasses on that corpse. Surely poor taste.

Well, I have nothing useful to offer.

Omg, that looks terrible, who would do such a thing? Do I hear howling in the woods? Was it werewolves? Our poor Storyteller, now who is going to tell us stories about the big bad things ….?

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I will add at this point I know nothing of interest.

Updated whisper map.



From this we can conclude that we have no demon, the storyteller must have tripped over and eviscerated themselves on that model windmill.

Game over?


Only thing I know is that is one gross looking corpse! Poor storyteller. :frowning_face:


@Whistle_Pig and @pillbox are yet to comment on my corpse or otherwise.


Sorry, I was too busy throwing up behind the model station :face_vomiting:

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Sorry, I’m still trying to figure out who put sunglasses on the corpse

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Uh… well… this is a very quiet town. Seems like quite the odd place for such a violent death to have occurred. Anyone got any useful insight into this strange occurrence?

I learned from the best @RossM to be quiet and communicate in nods and waves.

waves at everyone

PS: I have prepared a whispermap so please, proceed. I will do my very best to track every little morsel of information.

Nothing to see here