Blood on the Clocktower 2: Bloodier on the Clocktower (game thread)

Continuing the discussion from Blood on the clock tower 2: Bloodier on the clocktower, Recruitment:

I’ll stick with Trouble Brewing because it’s been a while since I’ve done this, and borrow @GeeBizzle’s introductory text from the last game. Here’s the latest role sheet:



Trouble Brewing Roles
Traveller Roles

Some special rules for the PBF version.
To simulate talking you can send players messages but if you do please announce on the main forum:
@deceptive-killer whispers to @not-so-deceptive-killer
And when you reply:
@not-so-deceptive-killer whispers back to @deceptive-killer

If you are having a long message then it would be good to state
@stabby_mc_bumface had a very long whisper with @Jane_the_victim

The only exception to whispers is talking to the storyteller. Any messages to me can be just between us, wink, wink.

Should you get killed then you will get a chance to narrate your own death (a rare treat indeed). Also unlike werewolf remember you will get a chance to cast one final vote and can in your ghostly form still communicate with the townsfolk. Using italics for your posts when dead, or putting :ghost: round them, is a good way to show that you’re no longer corporeal.

Any abilities will be discussed in private messages. I’ll prompt players who have any unused abilities whenever there is an opportunity.

Finally in terms of voting I’ll announce on the main thread when voting starts. Then players can message me their votes.

For general chat about the game please use the recruitment/chat thread.

I’m keeping a Traveller slot open for @pillbox - just let me know when you want to step in. Other forum members can do this too!

Seating order is:

  • DJCT
  • GeeBizzle
  • Najim
  • Assussanni
  • KIR2
  • pillbox (Bureaucrat)
  • Whistle_Pig
  • Lordof1
  • COMaestro
  • RossM
  • GabrielH
  • Chewy77

With 11 starting players we have:
7 Townsfolk
1 Outsider
2 Minions
1 Demon

Role messages will go out shortly.


Following, with interest

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To start, I’d like to nominate @Captbnut for execution. :wink:


Based on the current whisper map.

I’m forced to vote Yes


That whisper map seems… dodgy.

(No player names)

I will vote No, @RossM is up to something dodgy


Gang I’m totally not a werewolf!


Team Evil: I am definitely not a Seer

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Jokes aside (no allocated role yet): how does the Chef know the number of pairs if the numbers are odds?

Does it mean that if they are three, he sees one pair only?

One player may be part of two pairs. So if 3 evil players sit together then they are seen as two pairs.

And for the empath, it is not direct neighbour, as by sitting next to you, is it?

It is those sitting next to you. Remembering that the list above loops. However you skip over dead players. So if you stay alive long enough you learn other players alignment.


Thanks, @GeeBizzle

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Everyone should now have their role message and any first night information. And on that note:



Well I’m voting yes


@Chewy77 whispers to @RossM

All this whispering is making me nervous! Can’t we all just get along?!

Oops, sorry, is that not how it works? :slight_smile:

@Chewy77 whispers to @DJCT

I am filling my quota before I go to bed.

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@geebizzle whisper to @KIR2