Anyone for a Whitehall Mystery?

I ran this on the old forum after the Let’s Play in… 2018? That can’t be right.

Anyway. I’d be happy to run it again. Up to four players, one murderer and three investigators (or if enough people are interested I could make the investigation poll-driven). But since all the optional rules favour one side or the other, I’ll ask about those before we start. This might come down to a poll, but here are the options:

Favouring the murderer:

  • Murderer announces only “special movement”, not which sort of special movement.
  • Murderer can reclaim a single used alley or boat tile at the start of rounds 2 and 3.
  • False clues (can prevent a search/arrest on a particular spot for the remainder of the round)

Favouring the investigators:

  • Unique investigator powers (including Green and Brown investigator powers)
  • Unique Smoker power
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I’m interested!

Roger there were some people who missed out on Fury of… might be worth asking.


I’m interested, we played this on Zoom a couple of weeks ago.

The murderer had played before, whilst the 3 investigators were new (but my wife and I have played a lot of Scotland Yard). We caught the murderer just after crime number 3.

I don’t know if that was unusual, but I don’t think the investigators need any more power ups.

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OK, worth doing with two? Either of you have a preference for murderer/investigators?

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I think I have a slight preference for murderer, but could go either way.

I’m happy to be the investigator/s

Will this work with 2 players?

Yeah, mechanically it’s basically a 2-player game anyway.

Right. Here is the map of London. (Taken from the FFG rulebook PDF.)

Setup steps are:

  • Jack picks four discovery locations
  • Investigators pick three starting spaces (the yellow-bordered black boxes)
  • Jack picks a discovery location at which to start.

I guess I should mention that my time will be sparse for the next few days while facilitating Christmas festivities for my children. Next week should be much more back-to-normal.


And also, a big favor to ask of @Captbnut: since you are a single player controlling all of the investigators, there is absolutely no reason for you to discuss your strategy. However, in a 3+ player game, the investigators would necessarily have to overtly communicate. If it’s not too much of an ask, could you supply some of your strategy as you submit your moves?

I plan to do the same in my private conversation with Roger for those records to be divulged at the end of the game.

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@pillbox I’m happy to do that. I’ve just got home from work for a week off but am happy to play at whatever pace. We’re in different time zones anyway.

Can I check the rules - I can move each investigator 1 or 2 nodes/ squares

Then either search for evidence in adjacent circles (keep searching until I find evidence it run out of locations), or I can attempt an arrest in an adjacent circle?

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Yup, the turn is pretty much:

  • Jack moves to an adjacent circle (may use a special move, announced as “special move alley” etc., limited to two of each type per game). May not stay still but may backtrack to a previously visited location. May not cross a square with an investigator on it.
    • Special Alley: move to another circle on the same block (space enclosed by dotted lines with no blue circles in it)
    • Special Boat: move from a blue circle to another blue circle in the same body of water (boats don’t cross dotted lines such as bridges)
    • Special Coach: move two circles, may cross an occupied square but may not backtrack to where you began the turn; this costs two of your 15 moves
  • Each investigator in order YBR moves up to two squares (don’t count circles)
  • Each investigator in order YBR may search for clues or arrest:
    • Search for clues: name adjacent circles in an order. First one which is on Jack’s trail for the current round gets a clue marker on it. (This includes Jack’s current location, which isn’t treated specially.)
    • Arrest: name just one adjacent circle. If Jack is on it, the investigators win.
  • If Jack’s move at the start of the turn was to a new discovery location, announce it and reset for the next round (Jack to start of track, remove all Clues). If it’s the fourth one, Jack wins.
  • If Jack has taken 15 moves and isn’t at a discovery location, investigators win.

If it’s not too late, I wouldn’t mind joining. I’ve played Letters and this looks similar in mechanics. I didn’t pipe in before because I like giving other people a chance to get in on a game.


I’d rather have a teammate, so I’m happy for you to join

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Good luck folks!


Fancy making it a 3?


I’m actually trying to play RL games over Christmas, but will fulfil my classic ‘Newpaper boy who shouts out headlines as bodies are found’ role.


The four discovery locations have been chosen. Investigators, please choose your starting squares. (These are the yellow-bordered ones on the map above.)

I think the best bet for referring to squares is probably by their adjacent circles - so for example the north-western starting square would be “87-88”.

Up to you as players whether you want to have one person officially playing two investigators and one playing the other, or work as a committee.

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What do you fancy @COMaestro, one each plus a joint investigator?

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Sounds good to me. If it goes like most co-op games, it’ll more or less become a committee anyway. :slight_smile: