Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven

Make that five losses… I think it’s side quest time.


We finished Scenario 113 from forgotten circles last night. Second attempt with a custom made party specifically for that scenario.

What a slog. Finished up at 11.30 or so, and I’m exhausted at work the next day.

Upside is now we’ve got one scenario left to finish Forgotten Circles, and we’re largely done till we get Jaws of the Lion. Although might be a break period before we start that. Really looking forward to something a little more casual.


A question for the experienced players on here. I think we’re ready to level up the monsters from basic in our Jaws of the Lion campaign. Is going from 1 to 2 a big jump in difficulty?

I’m assuming it will be very similar to the base game

Not necessarily. They will beef up a little (couple of HPs or attack and defensive boosts) but the increases I find are quite gradual. I don’t know if in JotL you can adjust the difficulty as you can do on the base game, but as long as you are doing it according to your level, it should be balanced.

Yep, that’s how it works.

I think we’ll try it

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The main thing is there’s an inflection point (like level 4 or 5, I think, for a lot of stuff) where they’ll start to get always on status infliction or get shield where they didn’t, that kind of thing. Other than that it’s mostly stats going up a little.

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From what I have seen on reviews seem like the characters are quite balanced on JotL. The danger you have in Gloomhaven is that you choose sort of blindly, and at the moment, on my game I have no “Tank” character, so I have to really leg it on many scenarios and use invocations as cannon fodder/meat shields. Makes it tricky to not run out of cards or HP in many cases.
By the looks of it, JotL is a bit more balanced, at least from what I am hearing on the first few scenarios.

Had a solo go again at scenario 16, The Mountain Pass. Really struggled again with a Tinker (even though she just level to 8) and a level 4 summoner. I really lack legs on my team. The tinker got spent half way through the long V shape middle corridor with no monster on sight (but she got the treasure) and the summoner got to the last room and lasted 4 rounds before dying (she only had one summon left that didn’t survive long). The golem still had 3 life points and I had not touched yet the wind spirit with its Shield 2.
Sometimes this game is so brutal that it puts me off for months… like it just did.

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It’s been 4 months since I last played Gloomhaven, hoping to get back to it in the New Year…


We added it to our holiday games list… if we manage I’ll share a photo of the cool new 3d printed bases a friend made for us


I have two weeks off over Christmas and we’re not going anywhere… What else am I going to do except play Gloomhaven :woman_shrugging:


To be honest… when the pandemic started I invested several hours to transfer our board state to Tabletop Simulator.

Then some months later we started playing again on a real table. So I had to transfer the TBS state to the board game.

Now we are in lockdown again. I am kinda hesitant to do the work again though it isn’t that much anymore I guess (the first transfer was the hardest) but there are a lot of small details.

But would love to unlock the last character.


I finally got back to playing Gloomhaven today. Had two goes at scenario 24 Echo Chamber. This was one where the goal was to open all the doors, and my Tinker got murdered straight after the second one. I figured my only chance was to have my Cragheart make a mad dash to open the other 6 doors. He just managed to get to the last one before being burned to a crisp:

Exit, pursued by a horde

Bonus cat picture


What card releases that cat? Gosh, I have to swap my Tinker for a Cragheart pronto!

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First game of Gloomhaven since August, it took a little getting back into but we (just about) managed to win the scenario.

We chose scenario #15 Shrine of Stength as we didn’t fancy a side quest (sometimes the guest designed scenarios are a bit tricky) nor did we fancy a boss scenario so soon.

This is only the second scenario with my Lightning Bolt but I think I’m slowly getting to grips with the class. I’m less worried now about necessarily getting to the end of a scenario if it means I can do some cool stuff.

And cool stuff I did! In a single attack I managed to hit an enemy for 44 damage thanks to a well timed ‘x2’. I came out of the scenario with 26xp from cards (58xp in total) which I think is my highest ever. As a result I levelled up and I’m already very close to level 9. Another tough card choice to make…


We’ve cracked out Jaws of the Lion since the holidays are over now. Skipped the first three scenarios as they’re “how to play” tutorials. Finished scenario 5 last night, the first boss fight.

I really enjoyed it. Nice and clean compared to the Forgotten Circles expansion. There’s no breaking in the middle to check the rules or flipping through books trying to find the appropriate page.

Scenario 5 is the final of the tutorial missions, so apparently it ramps up a little from here? But overall really good clean fun.

Getting used to my class too. We’ve got the full complement, but I chose the void warden. I think. Void something anyway. Lots of granting attacks to either my allies or making enemies attack each other.


Jaws of the Lion is our first foray into Gloomhaven. I think we’re about two-thirds of the way through. We actually found Scenario 4 the hardest scenario we’d faced until the most recent one or two.

Not sure if the early difficulty was just us learning though, and being too frivolous with losing cards!

We’re really enjoying it and I’m now contemplating picking up Gloomhaven or Frosthaven, which I felt I couldn’t justify previously because of the high cost in case we didn’t like it.


Last night we finally tackled Scenario #72 Oozing Grove. We unlocked this scenario fairly early in the campaign but have been putting it off due to our previous party compositions.

Even with some good damage dealers it was still a massive slog, though I’ve come to expect that when any scenario contains large numbers of oozes. Now that the scenario level has started getting higher, nearly every attack is conferring status effects. My deck had 5 curses in after the first round.

With that under our belts, maybe we’ll be brave enough to try Scenario #76 Harrower Hive.

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#72 was an annoying and hard one for sure :slight_smile:

#76 is the one for the end I guess :smiley:

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I think I tackled #72 early, and the oozes levels were not so terrible for my gang… But Oozes are always a bit of a lottery, no matter what level.

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